Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 13 Aug episode begins with Guddan says can’t walk appropriately? He says much obliged. Guddan says I would spare anybody. He says liar. Antra goes to Honda’s lodging. Saru says he isn’t in the room. Antra says something isn’t right. Honda leaves the bathroom and says I was doing internet shopping. She says you overlooked your shoes home. He says you watch out for me. These shoes aren’t mine, they are AJ’s. I realize you should think.. I skilled these to him and made him wear them. I got him indistinguishable shoes from mine. See these equivalent shirts, same coats. I got everything two. So you question your significant other or playing with me? Antra says no nothing. He says lets get tea in suite.

Antra says we need to go. He says I need to give you a blessing. He gives her a vehicle key. He says this Ferrari is yours now. Antra says what.. I can’t acknowledge it. He says giving from my entire existence. Antra takes it. Guddan is hanging tight for AJ in anteroom. aJ says I took care of everything splendidly. Guddan says you made this issue in the lead position. Antra and saru come there. AJ and Guddan hole up behind the blind. Saru looks toward them.. AJ kisses her so their countenances are covered up. Guddan says you could think about another way. AJ says your insults resemble a gratefulness to me. Guddan leaves.

Saru says please give this vehicle to me. Laxmi is there. Antra says that Ferarri is yours now. Antra says Laxmi perceive how liberal she is. All you get from Guddan are addresses. Laxmi leaves. Saru says I think Honda likes you. Antra says he loves me and I live him as well. Be that as it may, I will wed AJ as it were. My central goal is to devastate Guddan’s life. Saru says I wish we could utilize him more, I mean not close his part. Laxmi hears everything. Antra says I will take mroe from Honda yet wed aJ as it were.

Laxmi tells everybody Antra’s arrangement. She says Antra is just wedding you since she needs to hurt you. Guddan says individuals who were near me are sufficient for that. Guddan says she has all the property. AJ says I realize what to do. I have an arrangement. Guddan says this arrangement wont’ work. Laxmi says this arrangement will work. Guddan says alright if dominant part concurs. Dadi says trust tomorrow first thing brings a decent day for my children.

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