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Dadi calls Guddan to prepare laddoos. Guddan is drunk so, Akshat asks her to not to go, as she can’t prepare them.

Guddan does all the silly activities while preparing laddoos. Everyone gets confused about Guddan’s behavior.

Guddan starts to speak nonsense about everyone. Durga gets suspicious about what has happened to Guddan.

Akshat tries to take Guddan aside but gets busy with a phone call. Dadi asks Guddan about the matter. Durga reveals that Guddan is drunk.

She tries to force Guddan to drink more of alcohol, but Akshat comes in between and says that Guddan is not lying about drinking alcohol.


Akshat takes Guddan to his room, but Guddan slips several times on her way. Suddenly, Guddan climbs on Akshat’s back and Akshat carries her to the room.

Guddan finds a bottle of poison in the dustbin and guesses that it could be Rawat. She starts running towards Rawat’s room, and Akshat starts following her.

Guddan holds Rawat’s collars and becomes angry on him. Akshat comes and stops her from doing.

The written update of 13 February 2019 Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega episode full story ends.

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