Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

AJ comes to his room. He saw Guddan outdoor the residence whilst she followed him. He says I have to disguise this mystery. The lady comes downstairs and dances. AJ comes downstairs. He says I requested you now not to return here. every person comes. Gudddan takes to the air ghunght. She says why did you come back jogging? And who had been you asking not to return here? tell us what is your relation with her? AJ leaves. Saru says I assume Guddan is proper.

Perv sends video of Siddhi burning his hand. He says I didn’t want to ship this but I wanted to show you my love turned into actual. in case your wife abuses you.. You should love someone on your lifestyles.

Durga says in which did AJ go in anger? AJ says to bring the fact here. He brings inside the woman. He says i’ve been assembly her all this time. She takes to the air her ghugat. AJ says this is what guddan became tryin to reveal you. Dadi says you have already got a wife. Guddan says don’t say anything now. If he desires to stay his existence with her now not me.. i will no longer come in his manner. AJ says don’t try this drama. Guddan says you are nonetheless mendacity. Guddan says when someone acts in front of me I know. due to the fact i’m an actor. She says don’t fool us anymore. all of us know she isn’t that woman. That girl brought shine in your eyes. I need to realize reality not this. she leaves.

Kaushaliya says you noticed revati how his spouse abuses him. He actually loves him. You must all. She says no its among them. Kaushaliya says as a human name him please.

Revati calls perv. Saru says you wont pick out this telephone you need to use her towards Guddan. Saru says we should make them fight every different.

Guddan involves saru and says right here are a few breakup playing cards you would possibly want. you may don’t have anything ultimately. Guddan says please leave. SAru says i am to your facet. I always want to help you. Guddan says however your ideas are vain. Durga says wow Guddan. AJ brought that female domestic and you aren’t accepting it? Open your eyes and notice the third person for your married existence. You couldn’t be an amazing spouse or MIL.

Precap Upcoming Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega episode update: Guddan brings the girl home. She takes to the air her ghunghat. every body is dazed.


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