Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Guddan coems to Angat’s live with wires. He is snoozing. Guddan says I will deliver retribution of what you did to AJ. AJ comes and holds her hands. He takes her out to sanctuary. AJ says what were you doing Guddan? She says you remembered me? I realized you can always remember me. He says yes I remember everything.

AJ woke up in the emergency clinic. Attendant asked him not to leave but rather he leaves for Guddan and his family. Guddan embraces him. AJ embraces him back. Guddan says for what reason did you do this? He says I don’t have another way. We need to discover what he is doing. He isn’t fit for arranging this by itself. We need to realize who is with him. Guddan says who might it be able to be? Aj says somebody from the house.

Durga says I need to show Guddan out of this house. I will utilize Angat as a pawn. AJ says nobody should think about this show. I am heartbroken. Guddan says I am grieved. I wont give you a chance to have any inconvenience as a result of me. AJ says you can never place me stuck in an unfortunate situation You remove me from inconveniences everytime. It’s my swing to do likewise for you. He picks mangalsutra and says I wanna make you wear this with no weights. He makes Guddan wear it. He says I will give you each resect and right a spouse and DIL merits in this house. Guddan is in tears.

Next morning, Guddan comes to breakfast and says what is this paper? You wanna separate from me? He says this marriage doesn’t mean anything to me. She tears the papers and says I will never sign it.

Guddan later says to AJ alone, it is hard to act so. He says you need to act like we detest one another. He says I will fix everything. Do you confide in me? She says yes. Her mangalsutra gets tangled in his memento. AJ takes it out.

Guddan says what is up. has AJ truly lost his memory? Angat says yes he had. Durga says Guddan is adversely affected by dry organic products. Lets check whether AJ gives her a chance to eat this or not. Durga serves everybody kheer. AJ says in heart Guddan is adversely affected by it. She serves it to Guddan. AJ does whatever it takes not to eat. Guddan says I can’t eat. I am hypersensitive. Rough gets back home.

Precap: Angat says to AJ sign these papers. Rough says to Guddan I heard everything. You both don’t need to imagine any longer.


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