Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 15 Aug episode begins with Antra looks herself in the mirror guddu sees this she goes to her while singing antra says dont make me trick by singing the tune I saw u complimenting for akshat’s affection and consideration and now all of a sudden u r attaching with tanvesh ur joy and pity is as yet associated with Aj guddu takes her to the mirror and says she has shine all over and she was troubled like this previously and now I comprehend the estimation of cash and u caused me to wed that 70yrs old buddha at any rate he is superior to anything him he is rich handaome and youthful guddu says she ought to be content with her future spouse and his property she says at some point an awful individual can give a decent training she says to antra not to interfare in her and tanvesh’s issue and she leaves from that point.

In akshan room antra examined her uncertainty over guddu with saru Aj comes to room while acting like he is conversing with tanvesh he slices the call and says to them about the issue they r strained antra asks him wether he recognizes what guddu is doing with his frnd tanvesh guddu comes and says dont take so much pressure this is about me so I myself will tell u she says she told tanvesh that he is tagra Aj ask what guddu says maldar party anyeays I have something for u he given him separation paper he is stunned she says she dont need any aggravation from his family she needs azaadi antra checked the paper she says to guddu that she effectively wedded to 70 yrs oldie and she is free thenwhat is the need of this guddu says that was a dramatization and her significant other is mysteriously gone Aj hesitately signes the paper guddu says she is feeling like fifteenth august she is azaad and was going to leave antra says she also need to sign the papers guddu signs the paper akshat is harmed guddu leaves Aj says to antra she is correct when there is no rishta its lone customs he also leaves from that point. Saru asks antra is regardless she questioning on guddan guddu is changed as tamvesh is paise wala and she is sliping from her hand antra gets into deduction.

Aj goes to guddan he ask her what she did it guddu says she needs to do this as antra was questioning on her Aj says there are more ways its the first legal documents guddu says she did what she felt right and antra is way tok shrewd didnt u perceived how she was checking the papers she may have gotten us and above all when there is no desire for our connection then what is the need of papers she leaves Aj takes the legal documents and checking it dadi comes and patts his shoulder says whatever is occurring among him and guddu will be okay Aj says it will okay when there would have anything terrible dadinsays implies Aj says it implies maa this isn’t guddan’s unique sign she utilizes this sign on her acting tryout despite everything she adores me she cannot leave with me bt she cannot acknowledge me back afterall I have hurted her bt there is just a single objective in my life to bring her bliss and grin back which she lost because of me I am prepared to do all insane and idiotic things for this I won’t acknowledge rout. Dadi says love resembles this as it were.

Guddu says I dont know the fate of our connection bt I cannot give u separate from I dont realize our connection will win or not but rather one thing is certain that antra’s ruin q ki guddan ke parivar ke sath boora krne walon ko guddan maaf nhi balki barbad krdeti hai.

Precap: guddu ask antra she had just grabbed her satisfaction property and her significant other what more she needs antra says she need tanvesh as he is the sole explanation behind ur joy and I cannot see u upbeat guddu thinks our arrangement is working now I need to take this zid of urs to pagalpan


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