Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Guddan wears her earring and gets ready. AJ texts i am looking forward to you outdoor. See you soon.
Antra boils milk. Dadi comes and says you can have burned your hands. She says existence gave me sufficient burns. Antra says ma are you mad at me for that night time? Dadi says you’re my daughter. How can i be mad at you. Antra says am i able to prepare dinner for AJ and every body earlier than I leave? Dadi says you’ve got proper on this house Guddan took your vicinity but you still are a part of this house. you could do what you want.
Antra asks Durga did you do what I asked? Durga says are you sure? She says sure i’m positive. i’m able to ruin their love tale. If not anything is left, how could she take my area.

Guddan comes to the decorated balcony. AJ says you have emerge as my weak spot. i’m so scared to lose you.

AJ reads you taught me a way to fought. you are my strength. Guddan reads hi other be aware, you constantly read my heart. You continually realize what’s in my coronary heart. Your wiseness is my strength. Guddan says I realize the drama you do to faux to be strict. but i have seen the harmless kid in you. Guddan reads, i really like it when you get mad. AJ reads, you alwasy restoration my temper. i love it. Guddan reads, your niceness makes me love you. I genuinely such as you. AJ reads, I without a doubt such as you too AJ. They both smile. They each are available in room. lights turn on and it says i love you. AJ takes to the air the curtain and reads i love you written. AJ involves Guddan. Guddan hugs him.
AJ and Guddan come downstairs. each person smiles. Laxmi hugs Guddan. Antra says I made the meals for all and sundry. First time I have to cook for you all. Guddan says first and last time. Antra says I made kheer that AJ loves too. Guddan says permit me help Antra. Guddan comes to kitchen adn sees ANtra including poison to the food. Antra says this would be the final time. they may all die with my right. Antra doesn’t recognize guddan is standing in the back of.

Antra serves the kheer to everyoen. guddan says you made such suitable kheer. You need to be very worn-out. allow me serve absolutely everyone. Come you eat too. Antra says permit me get pickle. Guddan says permit me help her locate it. Guddan says to Antra you could’t fool me again. i know how you are. i will’t consider you again. You attempted properly but some human beings by no means analyze. I saw you and noticed what you mixed inside the kheer. there has been nothing in the bottle. Then I tasted it. You thought i would create drama and come off as a liar. Antra says you aren’t as clever. You have been seeing me and i used to be seeing you. You couldn’t see the bowl that had the poison. it’s miles in AJ”s hand. Guddan says you are mendacity. Antra says if AJ couldn’t be mine, he received’t be yours. i will destroy the whole lot. Guddan runs and prevents AJ from eating the kheer. AJ says what befell? Guddan says it’s miles poisoned. She desires to kill you. ANtra says how can you say that? you recognize AJ i will never harm you. each person had kheer. Guddan says you stated you mixed poison in it. ANtra says k Guddan is right. I combined poison, permit me devour it. She eats it. Antra fains. AJ says antra.. Guddan says call the health practitioner.

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