Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Rocky goes to the house. AJ says Rocky welcome. Guddan says if AJ doesn’t recall that we as a whole do what he did. He needs to go. AJ says why should you request that Durga’s sibling leave? Rocky you can remain here. Durga says we can’t give him a chance to remain after what he did in Goa. AJ says what was the deal? Saru says nothing. He completed a little slip-up. Angat says let him stay please. AJ says he should. Durga says thank you for forigivng him AJ. Guddan leaves in outrage.

Guddan says to AJ I will never excuse Rocky for what he did to you in the emergency clinic. She says Rocky is Durga’s sibling. Do you think she is helping angat and Rocky?

Durga says to Rocky you need to see whether they are doing dramatization. Guddan says no Durga can never do that. She isn’t care for her sibling.

Angat says to Guddan I got legal documents and afterward you must be mine. Angat says AJ legal documents. AJ signs them. He says to Guddan sign these.. Guddan says I will. Se signs the paper. Guddan says you are free. There is nothing between you and me now. Guddan goes upstairs.

Guddan packs her sack. He says where are you going? SHe says I confide in you. The signs are genuine. On the off chance that there is no connection between us I can leave. AJ says what sign? There are no sign on it. This pen expels it’s own ink following couple of minutes. We are never separated. Guddan embraces him. AJ sees Rocky outside. He says I have separated from you. There is no connection between us. Rocky comes and says you are extraordinary on-screen characters. I heard everything. I will tell Angat everything. Tocky runs ground floor Guddan endeavors to hit him. AJ says stop. Rocky says to Anat see this separation paper. They tricked all of us. Angat says your sibling has lost it Durga. He is stating that they didn’t sign separation. Take a gander at it. It is agreed upon. AJ marked them rapidly.

Guddan says wow that was great speed. AJ says I realize how to make them battle one another.

Precap Upcoming Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Episode Update: AJ says we need to catch Angat in the act with his assistance. They see angat arranging with Durga.


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