Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Antra says your love and consider misplaced. Guddan says my love doesn’t depend upon your hints. You get used to jail now. i’m able to ship you there that is my promise. you are new and you observed i am just announcing, ask durga. My goal in no way misses. The 24 hours I gave you’ll be over day after today. and this time you gained’t pass respectfully you will be kicked out of the house. Guddan leaves.
Antra takes out the pen drive. She says how will she reveal me whilst this proof is long gone? She burns it. Durga says don’t take her gently. She has some answer. Antra says don’t worry. i can spoil each evidence. Durga says what about your brother? AJ trusts him. We ought to be careful.

AJ hits the punching bag. He recalls what occurred and what Guddan said. Guddan comes there and says what are you doing. Your fist is bleeding. Why are you hurting your self? He says this isn’t more than the only i am going thru. Guddan says if you’re mad at me then don’t hit yourself. AJs ays I virtually love you and there’s no room for being mad at you. Guddan says do you accept as true with me? He says yes I do and i recognize what your heart is going through. each time matters get better among us, something occurs. He says our love lost. We couldn’t be one. i’m sorry. Guddan says how can you not listen my facet? He says what’s left now? AJ leaves. Guddan swipes her tears and says I realize you accept as true with me however you consider antra too. I gained’t allow her play with your emotions anymore.

Antra calls someone and says you destroyed all the proofs right? You usually helped me. you will get all of the money on your account. Gudan comes there. Antra says horrific manners. After that defeat, your coronary heart may damage. There aren’t any proofs towards me now. Guddan shows her a coin. Guddan says how many lions are there? Antra says 3. Guddan says there are 4. If you could’t see the fourth doesn’t suggest there isn’t any. you may’t smash all of the proofs. Antra says she ought to be pronouncing all this because of Rawat.

Guddan calls Rawaat. He says i am ashamed. Guddan says we have to expose her. He says i’ve a way to reveal her. i have another reproduction. He says for one sister, i’m able to expose the opposite. Antra enters his residence. She says you made a duplicate? you’re assisting her? you are trying to take my circle of relatives and husband from me. Rawat says they aren’t your own family. if you cherished and revered them you gained’t have performed with their feelings like that. You made a laugh on relations. Guddan has more appreciate in my coronary heart than you. She respects people and their emotions. i will tell all and sundry about your fact. Antra says she turned my brother towards me. If need my right then what is inaccurate? you’re exposing me for that Guddan? He says you may see the truth when anyone is aware of the truth. Antra hugs him and cries. She says on your sister please dont try this. Rawat says you’ll recognise on proper time why am I doing this. Antra says you gained’t be alive for that time. she gives him an injection. Antra says this poison will kill you slowly. Raawaat’s next bleeds. He falls down. Antra says I care for you. You have to have been with me. i am your sister now not her. Guddan calls. Rawat shoves antra and tries choosing the telephone. Antra selections the telephone and throws it away. Guddan wonders why isn’t he picking the smartphone. Antra cries and says what did you do. you may need to die now. For this proof I had to kill my brother. She takes the force and leaves.
Antra says i’m taking this evidence You couldn’t do something. Antra leaves.

Guddan involves Rawat’s house. She is dazed to see him on floor. Guddan sees blood Gudan says rawat are you ok. not anything can show up to you. Guddan says who did this? He says Antra. Rawat says i can’t stay. Guddan says please you may’t die. Rawat says that family and AJ is yours. Forgive me for my mistake. Guddan says it isn’t your mistake. Raawt dies. Guddan screams.


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