Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 18 Jul episode begins with Antra takes out the pen drive. She says in what manner will she uncover me when this confirmation is no more? She consumes it. Durga says don’t mess with her. She has some arrangement. Antra says don’t stress. I will pulverize each evidence. Durga says what regarding your sibling? AJ confides in him. We must be cautious. AJ hits the punching sack. He reviews what occurred and what Guddan said. Guddan comes there and says what’s happening with you. Your clench hand is dying. For what reason would you say you are harming yourself? He says this isn’t more than the one I am experiencing. Guddan says in the event that you’re distraught at me, at that point don’t hit yourself.

AJs ays I truly cherish you and there is no space for being distraught at you. Guddan says do you confide in me? He says yes I do and I comprehend what your heart is experiencing. At whatever point things show signs of improvement between us, something occurs. He says our affection lost. We couldn’t be one. I am heartbroken. Guddan says in what capacity can you not hear my side? He says what is left at this point? AJ leaves. Guddan swipes her tears and says I realize you believe me yet you trust antra as well. I won’t let her play with your feelings any longer.

Antra calls somebody and says you crushed every one of the evidences right? You generally helped me. You will get all the cash in your record. Gudan comes there. Antra says terrible habits. After that rout, your heart may break. There are no verifications against me now. Guddan demonstrates her a coin. Guddan says what number of lions are there? Antra says three. Guddan says there are four. On the off chance that you can’t see the fourth doesn’t mean there isn’t any. You can’t demolish every one of the evidences. Antra says she should state this on account of Rawat.

Guddan calls Rawaat. He says I am embarrassed. Guddan says we need to uncover her. He says I have an approach to uncover her. I have another duplicate. He says for one sister, I will uncover the other. Antra goes into his home. She says you made a duplicate? You are helping her? You are attempting to take my family and spouse from me. Rawat says they aren’t your family. On the off chance that you cherished and regarded them you won’t have played with their emotions like that. You made fun on relations. Guddan has more regard in my heart than you. She regards individuals and their feelings. I will inform everybody regarding your existence. Antra says she turned my sibling against me. On the off chance that need my right, at that point what’s going on? You are uncovering me for that Guddan? He says you will see the truth when everybody knows the truth.

Antra embraces him and cries. She says for your sister please dont do that. Rawat says you will know on opportune time for what reason am I doing this. Antra says you won’t be alive for that time. she gives him an infusion. Antra says this toxic substance will murder you gradually. Raawaat’s next drains. He tumbles down. Antra says I care for you. You ought to have been with me. I am your sister not her. Guddan calls. Rawat pushes antra and takes a stab at picking the telephone. Antra picks the telephone and discards it. Guddan asks for what reason isn’t he picking the telephone. Antra cries and says what did you do. You should bite the dust now. For this verification I needed to execute my sibling. She takes the drive and leaves.

Antra says I am taking this verification You couldn’t do anything. Antra leaves. Guddan goes to Rawat’s home. She is entranced to see him on floor. Guddan sees blood Gudan says rawat are you alright. Nothing can transpire. Guddan says who did this? He says Antra. Rawat says I can’t live. Guddan says please you can’t kick the bucket. Rawat says that family and AJ is yours. Pardon me for my slip-up. Guddan says it isn’t your mix-up. Raawt bites the dust.

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