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Guddan 18 March episode Dadi says depart him. Durga says he tried killing me and Saru.

Saru comes near Angat. She spills water on him. She says i am sorry I spilled water on you, I added it for you. She says I heard about your lover. She became a cheater? You is probably genuinely harm right? Angat throttles her. anyone is available in. He screams. Dadi and everybody try to launch saru from Angat. He faints. Guddan offers saru water. Laxmi says why did he get irritated? Did he do something? Saru says he’s crazy. Why would I make him angry? Saru says durga why are you irritated? if we live right here, how will we stay on this residence. durga says we can do what we deliberate. He doesn’t need to stay within the residence. He can’t stay in the house. he’ll live where he will be handled. Laxmi says but AJ will decide.

Laxmi says we can must make him determine what we need.

scientific asylum humans are taking Angat. Guddan says Angat wont go anywhere. go away him right now. Or i will call police. They leave. Angat says thanks for saving me. Guddan says no person will take you from here forcefully.

Kaushaliya says revati see this Perv has written letter with blood. he is in love with you. Revati says he is fooling me. allow me pass and train him a lesson.

Durga says he wishes remedy. Guddan says but he wishes circle of relatives greater. Durga says will you take duty if something takes place. Guddan writes, I take complete duty of preserving Angat here and that i might be responsible if anything happens. Guddan says dadi swipe your tears. nobody can element your son from you. that is his best manner to make him better. He will be ideal if he lives right here. own family can do what meds can’t. Hug your son. Dadi usaangat. Durga says in coronary heart Guddan did a mistake. i’m able to make her punished for this.

Revati comes to perv and says don’t do all this drama. It wont have an effect on me. Perv falls down. His hand is bleeding. Kaushaliya screams.

AJ says who gave you right to decide he’ll live here? Guddan says i’m MIL of this house and your wife. He has proper.. AJ says I understand what’s right for my brother he wishes treatment. Guddan says it will worsen if he remains faraway from his circle of relatives. He was this way because someone near left him. only love and affection can fill that area not medicinal drug. AJ says okayy.. however if something happens I wont pardon you.

Durga says to Guddan you broke your mangalsutra once more? you’re very used of sporting damaged mangalsutra. because husband loves his spouse. all of us recognise AJ doesn’t even keep in mind you spouse. you will understand your errors but it will likely be too late by then. Guddan says you will see how Angat receives higher. it’s going to unite complete own family, like my mangalsutra. i can wear this whilst AJ fulfills what they suggest.

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