Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 19 Aug episode begins with Durga says we need to remain arranged. Antra probably arranged something. Laxmi says Guddan needs to win. Durga says how about we watch out for Antra. antra asks saru to keep an eye, nobody should come. Saru says durga and laxmi will attempt.

Durga and laxmi are going towards Guddan’s room. Antra is in there. Saru stops them Antra says I will make you cry Guddan She cuts her anklet. Durga says to saru move from here. Saru says I trust Antra is finished. The flower vendor requests that where keep these blossoms? Laxmi says keep there. They come in room it’s vacant. durga says it scents like Antra’s aroma. She came here.

Guddan says what might she have done?

Saru says to Antra they should question. antra says they will see they caught me yet they are caught themselves. Saru says you’re a virtuoso. Antra says I am giving them a snare. Durga sees Guddan’s anklet. She says antra cut them. It would harm your feet. antra says I needed them to discover those anklets. they would think they got my game. Be that as it may, they are being caught.

Dadi says to Guddan you look so great. Laxmi disclosed to me what she did. you will crush her. Why you look upset? God doesn’t give awful a chance to happen to great individuals like you. Guddan says in heart Antra is arranging something significant.

Sangeet begins. Saru says antra you look so great. AJ gets a call and says I am coming. Antra says how might you go. He says I will return in 60 minutes. Honda comes in and embraces antra. He says Guddan invited be last time so well. Guddan comes. Honda says you look so great. He kisses her hand. Saru says perceive how he is playing with Guddan. Antra says he will be my ally. You will see. Antra tore Guddan’s shirt. Saru says that would make such a major show. Antra says her poise would be gone until the end of time.

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