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AJ comes to Rawat and says you have got been too much into the cassettes these days? He says the culprits are very smart. You in no way recognise what ends in them. AJ says why is Antra’s candle not lit? He says no longer nowadays, tomorrow. AJ says I try to neglect nowadays however it comes in the front of me. Like she might come and say the entirety is k. He says nothing is like earlier than. you have got a wife. Guddan comes in. AJ leaves. Guddan says AJ doesn’t even realize why didn’t you light the candle. you will burn the whole lot on this hatred. AJ trusts and respects you so much. His eyes get wet whilst speak to me approximately Antra. He says AJ can fool you but no me. He killed my sister. he is fooling absolutely everyone. i can expose him for killing my sister. Guddan says AJ didn’t kill her. you have got

No proof. He tears are as authentic as yours. AJ will do his pooja and i won’t assist you to prevent him.
GUddan prepares for the pooja. Guddan says all that is done. we could carry Antra’s picture AJ brings the picture. They both area it together. Dadi says all is accomplished so nicely. Gudadn says thanks. Guddan comes to the kitchen and sees DILs cooking. Guddan says so that you all found out to prepare dinner without me. She says why did you are making peas? I don’t like them in any respect. Dura says we should cook for the first female of this house. She isn’t 2d like you. Guddan says however this is first for me. that is my circle of relatives. I don’t suppose beyond that. You show me my errors and allows me to fix them. you may make the meals. because no one is aware of this house more than you. On Antra’s day, I won’t permit anything go incorrect. Dadi hugs her

Rawat his the cassette repair man and says I need it today. How ought to you no longer fix it. He says I am trying. AJ says is the whole lot suitable? never visible you this indignant. Rawat says a case. the entirety is dependent on this case. AJ says loosen up. it is ANtra’s anniversary. pass get equipped. Guddan says AJ Dadi is looking you. Rawat says AJ must be afraid of me like you are. Gudan says I’m not frightened of you. Did you intend or trade or are you still disillusion? He says 20 minutes are left. Who knows after tasting AJ could be able to do the pooja or not Guddan says you may do this sort of aspect.

AJ is ready to flavour the food. he’s washing the arms. Guddan comes strolling. She collides with Durga and the greens fall down. Guddan says to AJ don’t wash. He says why? She says there may be acid within the water. Rawat comes and places The hand under the water. He says there’s no acid. AJ gets angry and says go away right now. Guddan leaves.

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