Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 19 Jul episode starts with Durga says quit lying. She lost her sibling and you are denouncing. Guddan says enough. Antra says enough. You generally continue denouncing me. Be that as it may, I won’t sit quietly any longer. You are ridiculing my sibling’s passing. Antra says you slaughtered your sibling. A sibling who found the world for you. A sibling who hung tight for a considerable length of time. Lavmi says for what reason would she execute her sibling. Antra says bhai please open your eyes. If it’s not too much trouble take me from here. Guddan says move far from him. You slaughtered him since he could uncover you. AJ holds Guddan’s hand and says stop it. AJ says I am sorry investigator. If it’s not too much trouble go get the offender. They leave.

AJ says would you say you are out of your faculties? For what reason would she murder her sibling? There was no confirmation. You continue blaming her. I never addressed you. I thought your agony is doing this. Yet, you crossed all cutoff points today. I know my antra more than you. She adored Vikram. I invested energy with her brimming with trust. I realize she can never execute anybody. In any event her sibling. Stop it now. AJ comforts Antra. Antra embraces him. Guddan says I realize this is difficult to accept. That trust was there. In any case, she is a long way from that generosity now. AJ says I confide in her. She didn’t slaughter anybody. Not a solitary more word. On the off chance that you can’t facilitate her torment, at that point don’t expand it. Antra says in heart there are no verifications left againt me and AJ doesn’t trust Guddan either. Checkmate.

AJ does Rawat’s ceremonies. He gives his asthiyan to Antra. Antra cries. AJ swipes her tears. aJ takes a gander at Gudddan and leaves. AJ reviews his minutes with Guddan. He reviews all that Guddan did. Guddan thinks what AJ said. she cries. Auditor goes to the house. He says we have discovered the killer. Rawat was researching against a posse. They more likely than not done it. Antra says in heart, my victory made you stunned Guddan? AJ says Guddan you heard truth? Vikram had adversaries because of his work. Antra didn’t execute him. You need to apologize to her for these unjustifiable allegations.

Guddan says I can bite the dust for you. However, I won’t let his passing be undermined. I will indicate you truth one day. AJ says your fact is stories and I don’t wanna hear them. Guddan puts her hand on light and says you would need to trust. On the off chance that you dont’ trust me I wont move my hand. Aj moves her and says you can’t win my trust this way. Guddan says I didn’t lose your adoration. He says I cherish you however I can’t confide in these accounts any longer. He leaves. Guddan says in heart I possibly needed to check whether you confide in me or not. I wont’ let Rawat’s penance go futile.

A circuit repairman fixes the attachment. Guddan says I will get back to you. She places wire in the attachment. Guddan says now dread of death will spill truth out. Just I realize this attachment isn’t working.

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