Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Scene 1

Guddan and circle of relatives come to Durga’s brother’s lodge. Guddan says to Angat don’t be scared. we can have fun. He says thanks Guddan. Durga says where is my brother rocky? Rocky comes out of swimming pool. He says i am here. He hugs durga and says how are you? Guddan says i’m her MIL. He meets absolutely everyone.

Rocky comes near Laxmi. He says my fav bhabhi. He touches her and applies colour on her face. He says follow it on my difficult face along with your gentle fingers. Laxmi is scared. Guddan sees all this. Guddan says what came about laxmi?

You look scared. She says he does this each time. each year he attempts to come back close to me. I don’t like this in any respect. Guddan says what. She says you shouldn’t be scared. He is inaccurate. Laxmi says I don’t need to ruin anyone’s holiday. Laxmi leaves.

Angat enjoys on the seaside. He says to AJ after so many years i am having so much amusing. Guddan offers him meds. AJ says you’re taking meds so easily? He says Guddan is so fine. Guddan plays riddles with AJ. They snigger. Guddan says velocity boat. i’m scared to sit on it.

Angat says AJ will with take a seat with you on it. He says Angat please take Guddan on it. AJ says ok. Guddan says I didn’t ask you. Angat did. AJ sits on boat. Guddan sits with him. She is falling. She holds him.

Scene 2

health practitioner dresses Perv’s bruise. He says take care of him. Perv says to REvati you watched i am doing all this drama? It hurts me so much wondering you watched of me that manner. I loved ou with all my heart. Kaushaliya says try trusting him.

Revati offers his remedy to him and says I hate you. I don’t have any interest on your existence. stop fooling me. if you do that again, i’m able to visit your police department. She leaves. Kaushliya says what is incorrect with her. Perv asks her to get out.

Guddan says thank you for the boating. She falls. AJ holds her. He says can’t you see? He says supply me your hand. He choices Guddan up. AJ tajes off his shirt and dresses Guddan’s.
Durga is angry to look this. She comes to Guddan. Guddan says he cares for me even though he’s mad. look at this pearl of mangalsutra of care.

Precap-Rocky makes Laxmi uncomfortable. Guddan teaches him a lesson and shoves him in pool.


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