Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 1 Apr episode starts with Angat says nobody can come between us. guddan’s sindur falls. Dadi says this isn’t a great sign. Angat is about to stab AJ extra. Durga stops his hand. She says what did you do. They hide AJ’s ody. Durga says lets move from here. Guddan is coming downstairs. Angat and Durga run. Durga tries to clean the floor. Guddan sees him. She says Durga what are you doing. She says lookin for my ring. Guddan says did you notice AJ? Durga says no he went to the eating place. he will come lower back while his work is accomplished. Guddan sees the dagger. Guddan says that is blood for your hand. Durga says it reduce inside the kitchen. i am pleasant. Guddan goes upstairs.

Saru says I advised you this Angat is loopy. Durga says you have to help me in this. Saru says I wasn’t part of it. Guddan seems for AJ. Se says wher eis he.
Durga and saru disguise his frame. Gudadn calls on AJ’s number Durga turns her phone off. Guddan says what’s going on.

Guddan seems for her mangalsutra. Angat says searching out this? He says AJ gave me earlier than leaving. guddan takes it from him.

Durga and Saru prepre to burn his body. She set his body alight and leve the region Guddan says what’s happenin. in which is AJ. Angat says you need to ret. uddan says i’m watching for AJ. Angat says in heart he wont ever come lower back.

Guddan is in temple. She sees AJ caressing her face. Guddna says where have been you? i used to be waiting that allows you to make me wear this mangalsutra. She turned into dreaming all this. Bell earrings. Its police. Guddan is dazed. Dadi comes too. Inspector says AJ’s frame is located burnt. Dadi faints. Guddan says this could’t be authentic. You re mendacity. we are able to’t accept as true with all this. Guddan says dadi dont’ cry. not anything befell. he is mendacity.

Precap Upcoming Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega episode update: Guddan says nothing took place to AJ. Angt says i’m able to make you my spouse.


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