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Guddan comes to Bhushan. Bhushan says what are you doing here. She throws papers in front of Antra. Guddan says i’m not right here to return something. i’m right here to ask you all to my wedding ceremony. i get married. AJ says what is this. Guddan says I couldn’t consider while you gave my ring to Antra. He says how are you going to do that. She says such as you pass ahead in lifestyles with antra. Come to the wedding tonight. you would see for yourself. AJ says how will you consider marrying someone else. Guddan says you taught me that. You live right here with Antra. i might marry some other person. Guddan leaves. AJ throws the card in anger.

Antra says she is so selfish. She is already with every other man. How can she be like this. relaxation of you are so harmless.

Bhushan says Guddan you ought to have spoken to me before doing this drama. what’s all this? Guddan says i’m clearly marrying. Bhushan says how are you going to do that. Antra says I requested him. She is marrying a 70 years antique due to the fact I compelled her. Guddan throttles her and says I understand you very well. i can do anything for my own family, something means doing anything to those who harm my circle of relatives. Bhushan says go away her Gudadn. Guddan says apologize to my father, Antra says sorry. satisfied now? she leaves.

Bhushan says how can you do that Guddan. Guddan says i have made my thoughts.

Antra says i would make you cry blood Guddan. AJ burns Guddan’s wedding card. Antra comes and says AJ what are you doing. Are you mad? AJ says how can she marry a person else She says you’re marrying me. she attempted killing my toddler. AJ says she cherished me. SHan can never do this. Antra says this is her choice and she is disgusting. AJ says don’t say some thing about her. I realize what she has been thru. she can’t marry all and sundry else. i can stop this wedding ceremony. the marriage starts Saru says she is marrying him for a motive. Guddan has become grasping. AJ comes and throws matters in anger. He says i would in no way let this manifest. Guddan comes and says prevent. With what right are you preventing me? you are marrying a person your self. He says i am your husband. Guddan says you’re marrying antra. He says that isn’t always in my hands. you’re nonetheless my wife. you could’t marry every body else. i am alive. the man comes and says leave my spouse to be and marry us. AJ says you wanna marry him? Why? Guddan says you can’t insult him life this. AJ throttles him and says she is my spouse don’t even are considering her. Guddan tell me all this is a joke. He says inform me. Guddan says this isn’t a funny story. this is my decision. Please pass from here now. AJ leaves in anger.

Antra says get ready Guddan. Guddan says AJ got here to forestall this wedding. He loves me. you could by no means forestall his love for me. He continually loved me. You higher think if he might even marry you. He won’t allow this wedding show up. Your combat is with him. prevent him if you can. Antra says love is reasonably-priced. What if he couldn’t prevent this wedding ceremony? Wait and watch. you have to marry this man.

AJ is angry. He says i can’t permit this manifest. Antra his him on head from behind. He faints. Antra takes him to the auto and locks him in. Antra says he may be up while wedding ceremony is executed. Now Guddan’s turn.

Guddan gets ready and thinks about her wedding ceremony and time with AJ. Durga comes. Durag says pundit ji calling you. Guddan says i am so scared.

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