Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 1 Aug episode begins with Antra says you named this to me for AJ? Be that as it may, I need to consider what to do. AJ sees his stuff. It has all the stuff all Guddan brought for him. He reviews their minutes with one another. AJ says we are so far away from one another. We can’t be as one. Gudan implores and says I trust I get my AJ. Nothing could really compare to my family. Antra comes to Guddan and says you were thinkning on the off chance that I would acknowledge your arrangement? It was a decent arrangement. Be that as it may, I have two conditions. I would possibly sign them on the off chance that you concur. Guddan says you’re having a ton of fun right? Antra says I need to win with fun. I need something this cash can’t purchase. Your washout face is more than anything. I don’t wanna see you content with AJ. You need to pay for all that you did. I murdered my sibling for you. I would be glad in the event that you lose your family.

Guddan says you need me to wed another person? Antra says I have picked the ideal person for you. Come in guddan’s better half to be. An elderly person comes in. Antra says you like more seasoned men. So now arrangement is you would separate AJ and leave his life everlastingly and begin another existence with this man. What’s more, I would let your live with this person. His significant other kicked the bucket, he is old however is a decent man. He was so energized, he has prepared his sherwani as well. The day you wed him I would sign these papers and leave from this family. You can without much of a stretch do it. For what reason would you say you are so stunned? Acknowledge this arrangement or I would destroy your family’s life. Consider it and sign, yet don’t postpone so your family endures.

Laxmi hears. Laxmi says Guddan.. Guddan secures herself her room. She cries and reviews what Antra said. Laxm says please open the entryway. I realize you are harmed. You are not the only one. It would be ideal if you open the entryway. I would tell police everything. Guddan turns out. Laxmi says I can never disregard you. You instructed me to remain by with family. Guddan says my better half and family are in risk. I can’t chance anybody’s life. Laxmi says how might you consent to it. Guddan says I am prepared to effectively spare my family. Laxmi says by what method can you.

AJ contemplates Guddan. He reviews their minutes. The tune tujhe kitna chahne lagay plays. Guddan plunks down and cries also. The two of them attempt to sleeo. Guddan’s telephone rings. It’s AJ. He called her in rest. Guddan hears his breath. Guddan says I realize you are harmed however I have no other way. I can do anything for you.

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