Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Guddan says you thought you would come here and ask me to kill my husband and I would? You thought I would harm him for your blackmail AJ says no one can save you from me now. He hits Perv. Guddan says I will solve his problem today. Guddan brings a belt and hits him. She says how dare you to kidnap my papa. How dare you ask me to hurt my husband. Perv says forgive me please Guddan hits him. She says won’t you wanna know how is he alive?

AJ asked Gudda you look worried. She showed him the gun AJ asked where did you get it? Guddan told him Perv gave her that gun. She told him he has kidnapped bhushan and asked me to shoot you. AJ asked her to think of an idea. She said I would put in fake bullets and use ketchup. AJ said I am impressed. Guddan hits Perv and says people like you have no shame Perv says please save me AJ. AJ says hit her more.

Bhushan comes in with the police. Inspector says she wants to kill me. Guddan slaps him and says don’t dare to enter this house again. Police take him. Guddan asks Bhushan are you okay? He says I have a daughter like you. I would always be fine. Dadi says Guddan once again you saved this family. Thank you for saving AJ. AJ says no one can harm me till Guddan is there. Guddan says I do all this because of your faith in me. She holds his hand and says together we can overcome all the problems. Guddan says Antra.. Won’t you do our engagement?

Antra takes Guddan to room. She helps Guddan in getting ready. Guddan says AJ said everything right about you. He would always appreciate you. Antra says and now he appreciates you. you saved him from loneliness. Thank you. Promise me you would always keep him happy? He looks strict, but he is a very nice guy. Guddan says I promise. Antra says I am your elder sister now. I won’t let anyone bring tears in your eyes. Guddan says I don’t know how to thank you? Antra says let’s go. AJ is waiting for you.

Dadi says I am so happy. Antra accepted your relationship. AJ says I was scared. But she handled it so well. Dadi says promise me you will give Guddan all the happiness and respect she deserves. Aj says I promise you. I will always be with her. No tear would ever come to her.

Everyone is in hall. AJ comes with dadi. Antra brings Guddan. AJ looks at her and smiles. Bhushan says he kept his promise. Kaushaliay says I told you. Dadi says it’s her faith. Bhushan says my Guddan can do anything. She proved it. Dadi says no more delays AJ. Make Guddan wear the ring. AJ holds guddan’s hand. Antra says stop AJ. you two have made no promises. I would be sure that AJ would be kept happy by his wife. Dadi says you are right. AJ says I promise you I will always stand by you. Any problem has to cross me before coming to you. Guddan says I trust you more than God. I will keep you happy and will always be with you. AJ makes her wear the ring. Everyone claps. Guddan makes him wear the ring too. antra makes them eat sweets too. She says I hope you two always stay happy. No problem should ever come between you two.

Guddan coems to her room. She recalls her moments with AJ. The song sang hoon tere plays. She reads a note, meets me on the terrace. There is a surprise. Guddan comes to the terrace. AJ is feeling dizzy. He looks at Guddan (her back in towards him). AJ says why did you call me here? She hugs him. AJ faints.

AJ wakes up in bed. He is shirtless. He touches Guddan. She is shirtless too. AJ says Guddan get up.. it’s Antra. AJ is shocked.

Precap-Guddan and Antra come there and see AJ and Antra.


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