Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Guddan give Lunch to Akshat in jail.. Akshat says he hate her even than she brought lunch.. Guddan says because she love❤ him and family.. Even after so much happen, you are still quite.. Revti come and says yes Jiju its right of Guddan to know.. Akshat get angry😡 seeing her.. Guddan says she will find truth and goes.. Revti says to Akshat she is really proud at him knowing that he has controlled his mouth and spoke nothing even in this tough situation..
Revti says enjoy your stay in jail, but who will save Guddan now!! She can be killed🔪, can come under truck🚛 or can die in sleep.. Akshat shout her name in anger😡.. Revti say stay here and let Guddan suffer outside…

Revti ask Parv about footage.. Parv smiles😊 saying

it is all because of Antra ji.. And ask her to keep 2 min silence on her death.. While he does so, Revti cut his hand using knife🔪.. Parv get shocked😨 more when Revti tell him that she killed 🔪Antra and Revti Laugh😆😆 and goes by warning him to stay quite if he want to stay alive… Parv thinks🤔 that if hard for him to digest this look of Revti, how will Guddan react on this?? Guddan will not able to accpet this.. Yeh Guddan se na ho paayega..
Guddan return home, when dadi offer her blessings and ask about answers.. Guddan say she knows Akshat is innocent and working this way to save 3rd person.. Dadi says but Antra is dead now.. Guddan says she will bring truth out for sure.. She says if Savitri can bring Satyawan from clutches of Yamraj, than she can bring Akshat from Jail.. She apply sindoor and take oath stating she will be finding real culprit in 24 hours for sure…

Next day Dadi Panics when she does not find Guddan at home… Dadi get call 📱from hospital who inform that Antra is alive and ask them to reach hospital soon.. Revti is shocked 😨to know this.. Guddan meet Akshat in Jail and share her plan being Antra alive rurmor, and tell him whole plan.. Akshat ask her not to do so.. Guddan replies to stay with him forever she will go to any extent and goes..

Revti get ready to hurt Antra before she tell Revrti truth to Guddan.. Parv try to stop her showing gun🔫, but Revti make him unconcious.. Akshat think🤔 to warn revti before its too late and ask inspector to let him call📱.. Inspector allows him.. He call📱 Revti but she doesn’t pick.. He then call📱 At home, where he ask Durga about Guddan welness… Durga says you did wrong with Guddan still asking this question?? Akshat says not to tell him, and inform that Antra being alive news is fake, tell whole family, specially Revti.. Durga says but Guddan and Revti both are not at home..
Akshat than call 📱Guddan, who is getting ready, when nurse and doctors are dressing her to show her as patient, so that culprit doesn’t recognise that she is guddan or antra.. Akshat ask her not to do so, but Guddan doesn’t agree.. Inspector take his mobile📱 back.. Akshat think🤔 that Guddan has gone too far in plan, and Revti can kill 🔪Guddan in madness .

Precap: Akshat take Gun🔫 and keep inspector on Gun🔫 point for running away from Jail.. He reach hospital and stop masked person before she can hurt Guddan.. Akshat shout how can you hurt your sister revti??


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