Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Angat is on deliver. He says that is all so beautiful. i’m happy I got here here. Guddan comes. She drank wine in preference to bloodless drink. Guddan says this is a real amusing thing. I drank it myself but i have manipulate on myself. in any other case you’ll say i am irresponsible. you understand this is what i am. Why are you continually indignant. Sorry I made a mistake. AJ says you didn’t need to drink to mention all this. and you are not inebriated your wreck doesn’t odor like wine. Guddan says I did this so that you are not irritated at me. i’m able to watch for the day your anger is gone.

Saru says to rocky you are so useless. He says your plans had been small things. i’m able to make Guddan regret coming right here for existence. Saru says i hope you’ve got planned some thing large.

Holi celebration starts offevolved. Guddan picks colorings to put on AJ. She is going closer to AJ. Guddan says happy holi. AJ holds her hand and says I dont’ play holi. She says however why a lot anger at colours? He says why don’t you apprehend. He leaves. Durga applies hues on her and says play holi with me. AJ doesn’t take into account you his spouse. AJ doesn’t even such as you. The 0.33 pearl is in no way going in. Guddan says that is your MIL’s first holi. she applies colors to Durga. Guddan says earlier than the day ends, AJ will play holi and make me put on mangalsutra too.

Rocky comes there along with his thugs. He indicates Guddan to them. He says now i can display Guddan who i’m.
Saru says Laxmi you and i will splash this bucket on Guddan. Guddan is with Angat. She says I wont follow color on all of us until I practice it on AJ. saru an laxmi splash the bucket. Guddan and Angat sit down. they throw t on every other. Guddan and Angat snigger.

Angat says to AJ I want water. Gudan goes there too. Guddan says you’re such an angry guy. SHe falls in colorations bathtub with AJ. guddan says now while you are coloured happy holi. AJ takes her out. AJ says why are you laughing Angat? he says nothing.
Durga says you’ve got to plan all this with angat? Are you fooling your self? Guddan says I wont don’t forget this my win till he applies colors himself.

Precap Upcoming Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega episode update: Rocky says to his thugs that is Guddan. display her the real colours of holi.


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