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Akshat says whilst feeling proud that guddan modified his questioning in those 7 months, he in no way gave importance to marriage vows, but now he will fullfil them.
Akshat take 7 vows:-
7 New vows {N} vs 7 vintage vows {O}:- with heritage track🎼🎵🎶 mangalam bhagwan vishu and Durga face turning light😨 with all vows, while dadi, guddan and laxmi smiling🙂🙂 and rest expressionless..

  1. {O}: I promise that my wife could be treated as robot.
    {N}: I promise that I shall deal with you as my pal and authority to make me comprehend my mistakes.
  2. {O}: I promise that i will make my wife will be dull and boastful.
    {N}: I promise that I shall consider you earlier than myself and will by no means ever ask you to alternate

three. {O}: I promise that my spouse could be handled

as maid in residence and can be handled as trophy for outsiders with recognize.
{N}: I promise that till my lifestyles has breaths i will usually give you and deal with you with respect.

  1. {O}: I promise that i can ask my spouse’s age!
    {N}: I promise that even though i am elder in age, however I shall maintain healthy myself for you, and could remember my obligations as husband and could fulfill them.

five. {O}: I promise that my wife shall live in house however will no longer get area in my coronary heart and in my room.
{N}: I promise that in Jindal residence guddan will get all respect as wife, daughter in regulation and as mother in law

  1. {O}: I promise that i’m able to make my wife sturdy that she must be capable of shield herself for global as well as from me.
    {N}: I promise that I shall guard you all whole lifestyles.
  2. {O}: I shall no longer take this seventh vow as living together isn’t always feasible.
    {N}: I promise that Guddan, I shall in no way make you some distance from myself. And no 3rd individual will no longer come between us.

those are 7 vows guddan from akshat and both keep arms🤝🏼… {ishq agar ek dhaga hai to ek sira fundamental hun dusra tum ho, ishq agar ek vada hai to ek tudka fundamental hun dusra tum ho.. track performs🎼🎵🎶🎶🎵} guddan says these vows are so wonderful and touched my coronary heart❤ as those are from your coronary heart❤. Akshat says that i’m guy of words and now see different matters as nicely.
He flip closer to angad and say I promised Guddan that I shall make her wear Mangalstura as well as seize the real offender, as He recognise Angad can’t do matters on my own. Angad factors towards Durga, all of us get bowled over😨😨. Akshat says you’re real perpetrator, however angad say not Durga but saraswati is most important villain. Saraswati says that i’m now not, he is mendacity. Dadi slaps👋🏼 her. Durga smiles🙂. Dadi scold saraswati pronouncing nevertheless you are mendacity, we gave you like and respect, and you gave this in go back. you are black spot!! Aksaht try and calm dadi, but dadi order saraswati to depart residence!! Saraswati ask Aksaht and Guddan to believe her!! but dadi live in her order!! Guddan and Aksaht say we can’t take this choice in absence of Rahul: saraswati husband!! but dadi ask her to go away…. Sarawati assume🤔 where to go?? Why angad took my name?? what durga said to him??
Flashback shows that Durga again brainwash Angad saying that saraswati blackmailed her to damage Guddan, Akshat and family and i’m helpless. Angad says we shall expose her infornt of family quickly.
In present angad says to durga that now you are loose from burden. Durga faux tears😢 pronouncing sure, and thank you for believing in me. Angad says I had too, and now I shall rectify my errors.. durga smiles😀 that every one my making plans is falling in vicinity, however I need to take care of Saraswati..
Saraswati is packing her garments, and durga arrives. Saraswati scoffs durga that she is too dangerous, however not to overlook i’m no longer rockey and that i shall divulge you for positive. Durga ask for forgivness and ask her to relex, I shall restore the whole thing.
Wardboy arrives to take Angad, and he ask for forgivness from Guddan and became about to go. Guddan stop him saying you found out your mistake and also you should rectify it rather than going, in spite of everything you have been utilized by a person else. Angad preserve Guddan legs🦵🏼 and say you’re first rate however I don’t deserve all this. Guddan say no have to stay with us, in any case absolutely everyone deserves 2d hazard. Akshat say Guddan is proper, if i was vintage Akshat, i’d had done same as you, but now I accept as true with Guddan is proper and hug him. Angad say I shall emerge as correct brother and shall correct the whole thing.
Saraswati come along with her bags and ask for forgiveness and return everything given to her as Jindal daughter in law and is ready to go away. Guddan forestall saraswati saying you probably did mistakes and leaving residence is any other, durga smiles😀. Guddan ask akshat if she is permitted to take selection as his wife, she ask dadi if she is allowed to take selection as mom in regulation? Akshat and dadi nod yes😄; than Guddan says that being mom in law of this house and on behave of my daughter in regulation i encourage🙏🏼 that we have to supply saraswati 2nd threat as all of us gave to angad.

Precap: Guddan shows some pics to Akshat and both end up buddies👫


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