Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dadi serves food to antra. She says this is good on your fitness. AJ involves the desk. Guddan comes there with a listing. Guddan says eat all you want but things are pricey nowadays. that is the bill of what you’re ingesting. AJ says are you crazy? Antra would pay to live here? Guddan says this is for what she eats. AJ says shut up. She gained’t pay for something. Guddan says she isn’t guest right here, neither the proprietor. So she has to pay. i can settle your bill with the jewelry you’re sporting. AJ says why are you doing this. you are insulting her. Guddan says i was insulted. AJ says antra turned into my spouse. Guddan says she become.. but she isn’t now. Your current wife gained’t take the weight of your ex. You taught me the way to fight for my rights. Antra advised me the importance of cash. AJ gives her money and says keep it. i might clear all your payments. Guddan says you could’t give me my cash. i’m not a kid. this is the bill for Antra. She has to clean it. antra provide me the jewellery. Antra says my baby is more crucial than this rings. Take it all. she places it at the table. Antra says my infant gained’t go through to your greed. AJ says I notion you’ll be everyday with time, but I saw your new face. Gudan says you’re liable for all this. i am answering yo. I gained’t sit down unless I prevail so get used to. Guddan says in heart forgive me please.

Guddan says i hope you understood i am doing all this for you. I gained’t allow antra use you. i would defend your money and this earrings. Laxmi comes and says i understand how difficult it have to be for you. They love you and you need to harm them. Gudda says I gained’t give up now. They might understand. i would tell anybody she isn’t pregnant. Saru overhears this.

Antra says she took the whole lot from. I need to do something. Saru says could you devour papaya? Antra says i’m pregnant. She says wow you by no means forget about to lie. Guddan would reveal you and no one is trusting her. i’m in your side. i am right here to inform you Guddan is planning to reveal you. Antra eats the papaya. Antra says so now in case you recognise you are with me. Whats your gain? She says we are in same boat. I hate Guddan and love money. i have not anything here. And durga laxmi, they’re on her facet now. Who would be with me now? This paper says while you get all this wealth, i would be 40$ companion. signal it and make me your associate. both supply Guddan all of it or forty% to me. I wont’ leave you like Durga. Antra symptoms the paper and says in heart, i’d take you on your right vicinity. You received’t even get a penny. She signs the paper and offers it to her.

AJ thinks about all of it. He cuts his hand. Guddan says what did you do.. He says what do you care? Guddan says our issues aside, you will do the same. I learned to heal no longer to offer pain. AJ says why are you doing all this then? you can punish me however why antra and this toddler? Guddan says yo could realize why am I doing this. Guddan says in coronary heart i would reveal Antra.

Antra says to Guddan i am right here to tell you you’re immature. Guddan says you haven’t updated with time. Guddan says i like you in stress. Antra says i will break your lifestyles. Guddan shoves her hand. Guddan I gained’t tolerate anything. Guddan gets a name. He says madam it is prepared. Guddan says in coronary heart, you would be exosed now.


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