Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 25 Jul episode begins with AJ is irate. Antra says Guddan was so inconsiderate to you. I can’t see you being offended like you. I can’t see anybody offending my better half to be. I will converse with her. AJ says you won’t utter a word. I have directly on her disdain. Avoid it. Antra says in heart I would interfere with you. I would give this Guddan torment. She calls somebody and says return home tomorrow.

Guddan recalls everything that has occurred. LAxmi goes to her. Laxmi says I am heartbroken. I was so off-base. Durga let me know all that she did. I ought to have believed you like you constantly confided in us. Guddan takes a gander at Durga. Durga contacts her feet. Guddan says stop. Durga says I am upset for all that I did. If you don’t mind acknowledge me as your DIL and give me gifts. Guddan says you won’t ever get that. I dont need this tea. You are a piece of the reason of AJ being endlessly from me. try not to do this once more. Durga says I won’t surrender until you acknowledge me as your DIL.

Antra says to Durga warmly greet me rather. You would be in advantage. Durga winds her hadn and says you tricked me. You gave kicking me a shot of this house. I won’t let you be MIL here. Guddan would be my MIL. Antra says how could you. You will perceive what I do to you and your Guddan.

Pandit comes and says I am here to discover the date for AJ’s wedding. Antra says I called him. I did well? AJ says yes you did the best. There ought to be no deferral. Everything in the wedding would be great. Guddan comes first floor. Guddan gives him 50k and says you can celebrate in it. You won’t get a penny above. AJ says who are you to guide me with my cash.

Guddan says it is mine. I have 2% more offer in it. You need my authorization inevitably. So you have just 50k. He says there were 50 lacs in storage. Guddan says now they are not there. This is all you have. AJ says where is the rest? Guddan says I got it. Guddan says you can get hitched in it. Celebrate. Antra says you burned through such cash in one day? Is it accurate to say that you are insane? Gudan says 60 minutes.

AJ says don’t act keen. Tht was my cash. Guddan says now it isn’t. You gave my ring to Antra. So I needed to purchase this ring for myself. My finger purchased this ring. AJ says do you wanna demonstrate to me another face? Guddan says you drew out this face.

Antra goes to Guddan’s room and has a go at picking the ring. Guddan says the nectar was simply set and the flies are here. Antra says this is of my cash. Guddan says you made one ring. presently you need others as well? you took my aJ from me. I would take everything from you. ANtra puts scissor on her. She says I executed my sibling envision what would i be able to do to you. Guddan gives her a cut and says I realize I am battling with a killer. I won’t let you do this. Antra leaves.

Guddan takes the example of her blood from her neck. Guddan says I needed. Guddan says I won’t let you win.

Guddan gives the example to specialist and approaches him to test it for the pregnancy. Guddan says now you see I how I send you to imprison.

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