Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 26 Mar Episode Guddan sees AJ going. She says let me positioned shade.. it’s miles rocky. He holds her hand. he says you threw the color on the floor. permit me select it for you. He says you thought you may get away with insulting me in the front of everyone. Guddan tries to run. He grasps her hand. Guddan says go away me. He says your husband isn’t your besides. Rocky throws her dupatta away. Guddan says depart me. He says what about my insult. Guddan says please allow me move. Rocky grabs her. AJ holds his hand. Aj hits rocky. Guddan hugs AJ. Aj swipes her tears. He beats rocky more. durga and absolutely everyone comes too. Durga says what are you doing he’s going to die. AJ says he better die. Rocky says yes I did it. Why do you care. I tried to force her.

Durga slaps Rocky. She says how should you hunch so low. How dare you be so disgusting. Rocky says so now you will hit me for these human beings? AJ says holi doesn’t mean you misbehave with different people. Rocky says first see your relation then communicate about my holi. See your wife and yourself. You don’t love each other. You haven’t even carried out colour on her. She doesn’t even put on mangalsutra. Why do you care if I play holi with her? AJ says enough. some thing our relation is doesn’t prove what you did is proper. If I didn’t play holi along with her that doesn’t mean she isn’t my wife. AJ applies color on Guddan.

Perv says to Kaushliya one throttle and your daughter is right here. Revati comes and says satisfied holi. Perv says observe coloration on me. Revati says positive. She puts colour on his face. He screams. Revati says don’ scare my mother. i will never assist you to achieve success. He is going out and says you may pay for it. Kaushaliya asys it turned into my mistake that I brought this devil for your existence. what must we do now. Revati says we have to cope with it ourselves. Gudan has quite a few troubles on going already.

AJ lighting fireplace and takes round around it with Guddan. he’s taking out the mangalsutra. Durga is dazed. He places the closing pearl in it. Guddan stops his hand. She says you could’t make me wear this.
Guddan ays sure I did but now not because of this. you are making me wear this due to the fact Rocky said all this. You shouldn’t be pressured to make me put on this. i will wear it while you are doing this along with your coronary heart. She takes it back from him. Guddan says thank you for what you did.

Precap Upcoming Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega episode update: Laxmi says to dadi AJ will make Guddan put on mangalsutra.


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