Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Guddan gives Laxmi water. Laxmi cuts her finger. Shantani says see this is the thing that your cordial frame of mind does. She can’t work now. Guddan says yet I can. We are companions. In the event that she can’t cook I can.

Guddan says something isn’t right with these mangoes. They aren’t wet. These are sleek. Guddan cuts the mangoes. Shantani yells at Durga and says be snappy. Durga says I wont give you a chance to win Gudan.

Guddan washes the mangoes. AJ gives Guddan mangoes in kitchen and says eat some please. She says I am doing this for those children and privileges of my DILs. AJ says there is no hope with an unfilled stomach. He influences her to eat. durga sees them together. She says I realize what to do when they venture out. She accomplishes something in the blender. Durga says by what method will you do anything with this blender.

Guddan and Durga begin blending the mangoes. Guddan’s blender doesn’t work. She says my blender isn’t working. Shantani says with severity there is no space to such missteps. Guddan says would i be able to utilize your blender after Durga is finished. I don’t need those children and AJ’s name to endure. Shantani says so you acknowledge your thrashing? Also, concur that my way is correct. Guddan says for those children and AJ yes.

Durga turns on the blender. The mango shake falls on Shantani. She shouts and Durga and says I requested that you check the blender before doing anything. What did you do to me. Guddan says I am just stressed over those children. guddan says what will I say to those children now. Guddan says I wont frustrate. Dadi says on the off chance that we as a whole cooperated this wont have occurred. gudan says I will do this for AJ.

Guddan takes a seat playing carrom. Dadi says you are playing this? Guddan says father used to play this in strain. I need to chill off my brain. She requests that everybody sit and play with her. Laxmi and dadi play with guddan. Laxmi says I play the best. Guddan says I am the best player. Laxmi says you are fortunate Durga isn’t playing. Guddan says she can’t beat me. Durga says don’t challenge me. She sits with Guddan and plays with her. Laxmi says I wish we were as one everything like this.

Shantani sees them in indignation. Guddan says Shantani we are for the most part playing carrom. Durga was frightened and that is the reason she couldn’t do it well. Presently perceive how well is she getting along. Guddan acquires clothes washer.

Precap Upcoming Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Episode Update: AJ says to Guddan you can do anything. They move together.


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