Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTHNP 2 Aug episode begins with Bhushan says Guddan you ought to have addressed me before doing this dramatization. What is this? Guddan says I am really wedding. Bhushan says how might you do that. Antra says I asked him. She is wedding a 70 years of age since I constrained her. Guddan throttles her and says I know you great. I can do anything for my family, anything means successfully individuals who damage my family. Bhushan says leave her Gudadn. Guddan says apologize to my dad, Antra says sorry. Cheerful at this point? she leaves.

Bhushan says how might you do that Guddan. Guddan says I have made my brain. Antra says I would make you cry blood Guddan. AJ consumes Guddan’s wedding card. Antra comes and says AJ what’s happening with you. Is it true that you are distraught? AJ says how might she wed another person She says you’re wedding me. she took a stab at murdering my youngster. AJ says she adored me. SHan can never do that. Antra says that is her choice and she is disturbing. AJ says don’t utter a word about her. I recognize what she has experienced. She can’t wed any other person. I will stop this wedding.

Saru says she is wedding him which is as it should be. Guddan has turned out to be ravenous. AJ comes and tosses things in displeasure. He says I could never allow this to occur. Guddan comes and says stop. With what right would you say you are halting me? you are wedding somebody yourself. He says I am your better half. Guddan says you’re wedding antra. He says that isn’t in my grasp. You are as yet my better half. You can’t wed any other individual. I am alive. The man comes and says leave my better half to be and wed us. AJ says you wanna wed him? Why? Guddan says you can’t affront him life this. AJ throttles him and says she is my significant other don’t are considering her. Guddan reveal to me this is a joke. He says let me know. Guddan says this isn’t a joke. this is my choice. It would be ideal if you go from here at this point. AJ leaves in outrage.

Antra says prepare Guddan. Guddan says AJ arrived at stop this wedding. He cherishes me. You would never stop his adoration for me. He constantly adored me. You better think on the off chance that he would even wed you. He won’t let this wedding occur. Your battle is with him. Stop him in the event that you can. Antra says love is shoddy. Imagine a scenario where he couldn’t stop this wedding. Pause and watch. You need to wed this person.

AJ is furious. He says I can’t allow this to occur. Antra his him on head from behind. He blacks out. Antra takes him to the vehicle and secures him. Antra says he will be up when wedding is finished. Presently Guddan’s turn.

Guddan prepares and contemplates her wedding and time with AJ. Durga comes. Durag says intellectual ji calling you. Guddan says I am so frightened.

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