Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Guddan 30 April Episode begin with Guddan says some thing is wrong with these mangoes. They aren’t moist. those are oily. Guddan cuts the mangoes. Shantani shouts at Durga and says be quick. Durga says I wont permit you to win Gudan.

Guddan washes the mangoes. AJ gives Guddan mangoes in kitchen and says eat a few please. She says i’m doing this for the ones children and rights of my DILs. AJ says not anything may be finished with an empty stomach. He makes her devour. durga sees them together. She says I know what to do when they step out. She does something inside the blender. Durga says how are you going to do something with this mixer.

Guddan and Durga begin blending the mangoes. Guddan’s mixer doesn’t work. She says my mixer isn’t running. Shantani says with strictness there is no room to such errors. Guddan says am i able to use your blender after Durga is carried out. I don’t need the ones youngsters and AJ’s name to suffer. Shantani says so you receive your defeat? And agree that my manner is right. Guddan says for the ones youngsters and AJ yes.

Durga activates the blender. The mango shake falls on Shantani. She screams and Durga and says I asked you to test the blender before doing whatever. What did you do to me. Guddan says i’m handiest involved about those youngsters. guddan says what will I say to the ones children now. Guddan says I wont disappoint. Dadi says if we all labored together this wont have occurred. gudan says i’m able to do that for AJ.

Guddan sits down gambling carrom. Dadi says you are playing this? Guddan says papa used to play this in tension. I ought to settle down my thoughts. She asks all of us to sit down and play along with her. Laxmi and dadi play with guddan. Laxmi says I play the satisfactory. Guddan says i’m the great participant. Laxmi says you are fortunate Durga isn’t gambling. Guddan says she will be able to’t beat me. Durga says don’t undertaking me. She sits with Guddan and performs with her. Laxmi says I wish we had been collectively the whole lot like this.

Shantani appears at them in anger. Guddan says Shantani we are all gambling carrom. Durga turned into scared and that is why she couldn’t do it nicely. Now see how properly is she doing. Guddan brings in washing system.

Precap: AJ says to Guddan you could do whatever. They dance together.


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