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Guddan offers cash to durga. Durga says what’s all this for? Guddan says you helped me. I don’t want to listen which you helped me save my husband and MIL. Durga says I don’t want it. you accepting me as your DIL is my handiest regret. i’ve modified with time. Please believe me. Guddan says i’m able to’t trust you. i’ve changed with time too. i can’t take delivery of you and that i gained’t take your favors. So stop the drama and take the money. She leaves.
Durga says I did all that for cash and now I don’t want it. I want I ought to see Antra’s truth.

Antra says now I know why Guddan got grasping. She went from this small residence to Jindal house. i’m sorry I said that about your daughter. Kaushaliya says we’re embarrassed because of her. Revati says we are able to’t overlook what she did. Kaushaliya says please drink the soup. you will feel good. Antra says I and AJ can live in any room. Bhushan says you could sleep with Kaushaliya. AJ and i’m able to sleep in hall. AJ says your heart is huge. thank you.
Saru calls Antra. Antra says I must attend health practitioner’s call. Kaushaliya takes dadi with her.
Saru says to antra i must come up with a information.
Bhushan says tp Guddan don’t fear. i have made certain AJ and Antra stay separately. Guddan is on video name. AJ comes there and hugs Bhushan. He says thanks for all you’re doing appa. Bhushan says we are one family. AJ says we had been.. And now we are parted. because of what I did. i used to be with antra whilst Gudan turned into my spouse. I pressured her to be what she wont’ ever be. all of us ought to see at the present time due to me. I recognise you need to be simply hurt. Guddan continually stated she is all that due to you. How may want to she neglect your upbringing? guddan says in coronary heart you forgot our moments. AJ says I don’t understand how could she alternate. She isn’t the equal guddan. I without a doubt love her. She best loves cash. Guddan says you loved me however you didn’t trust me. AJ says I handiest need to trust her. My coronary heart doesn’t agree however how can i deny things I saw with my eyes. Guddan says your coronary heart made a mistake in knowledge me. but it isn’t your mistake. it’s far Antra’s mistake. I want you can recognize why am I doing all this. AJ says I want we can be returned together. however we are up to now from each other now.

Guddan cries. AJ is in tears too. AJ sees her photograph.

Antra offers Bhushan juice. She says i’m part of this house now. Who does all this for human beings now. Bhushan says don’t say that. He drinks the juice and throws the glass. He sasy juice is so warm. It burned my tongue. Antra says in case you lie it would burn. I know you’re together with your Guddan. I recognise the entirety. i’ve the entirety on my eyes. when Guddan spoke to durga saru heard. Antra says you made a mistake through trusting her. Bhushan says you could’t do some thing to my daughter. She says how could you keep yourself? Bhushan selections the telephone. Antra takes the smartphone and video calls Bhushan. She says what are you doing with my dad’s phone. Antra says you may see what I do. She tears her saree. Bhushan says what are you doing. Antra says if you mess with me once more, i’d defame him anywhere. Guddan says don’t you dare to do all that to my dad. Antra says now you spot what I do to him. Guddan says don’t even dare. Antra screams. She says ma.. AJ.. See what took place to me. AJ comes there. AJ says are you k? Bhushan says there has been a lizar it gell on her and her saree got caught. AJ says pass alternate Antra. Antra smirks and leaves.

Bhushan says she is so risky. you need to do something. she can slump so low. Guddan says dont’ fear. i’m able to do some thing. Guddan says I won’t silently. you will pay for dragging my dad in all this. Gudan comes domestic. Bhushan says why are you right here? We aren’t associated with you anymore. AJ says you have got everything. Why are you troubling your dad now? Guddan says in coronary heart I have to try this for my papa and own family.

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