Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 31st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 31 Jul episode begins with Durga says I did all that for cash and now I don’t need it. I wish I could see Antra’s existence. Antra says now I know why Guddan got voracious. She went from this little house to Jindal house. I am sorry I said that regarding your little girl. Kaushaliya says we are humiliated in view of her. Revati says we can’t overlook what she did. Kaushaliya says please drink the soup. You would feel better. Antra says I and AJ can live in any room. Bhushan says you can lay down with Kaushaliya. AJ and I can rest in corridor. AJ says your heart is enormous. Much thanks to you. Saru calls Antra. Antra says I need to go to specialist’s call. Kaushaliya takes dadi with her. Saru says to antra I need to give you a news.

Bhushan says tp Guddan don’t stress. I have ensured AJ and Antra live independently. Guddan is on video call. AJ comes there and embraces Bhushan. He says thank you for all you are doing appa. Bhushan says we are one family. AJ says we were.. Also, presently we are separated. As a result of what I did. I was with antra when Gudan was my better half. I constrained her to be what she wont’ ever be. We as a whole need to see this day as a result of me. I realize you should be truly stung. Guddan consistently said she is all that as a result of you. How might she overlook your childhood? guddan says in heart you overlooked our minutes. AJ says I don’t have a clue how might she change. She isn’t the equivalent guddan. I truly adore her. She just adores cash. Guddan says you adored me yet you didn’t confide in me. AJ says I just need to confide in her. My heart doesn’t concur however how might I deny things I saw with my eyes. Guddan says your heart committed an error in getting me. Be that as it may, it isn’t your slip-up. It is Antra’s mix-up. I wish you could realize for what reason am I doing this. AJ says I wish we could be back together. Yet, we are so distant from one another at this point.

Guddan cries. AJ is in tears as well. AJ sees her image. Antra gives Bhushan juice. She says I am a piece of this house now. Who does this for individuals now. Bhushan says don’t state that. He drinks the juice and tosses the glass. He sasy juice is so hot. It consumed my tongue. Antra says in the event that you lie it would consume. I realize you are with your Guddan. I know everything. I have everything on my eyes. At the point when Guddan addressed durga saru heard. Antra says you committed an error by confiding in her. Bhushan says you can’t do anything to my little girl. She says how might you spare yourself? Bhushan picks the telephone. Antra takes the telephone and video calls Bhushan. She says what are you doing with my father’s telephone. Antra says you will perceive what I do. She tears her saree. Bhushan says what’s going on with you.

Antra says in the event that you disturb me once more, I would stigmatize him all over the place. Guddan says don’t you set out to do all that to my father. Antra says now you see what I do to him. Guddan says don’t set out. Antra shouts. She says mama.. AJ.. See what befell me. AJ comes there. AJ says would you say you are alright? Bhushan says there was a lizar it gell on her and her saree stalled out. AJ says go change Antra. Antra smiles and leaves. Bhushan says she is so risky. You need to accomplish something. She can stoop so low. Guddan says dont’ stress. I will accomplish something. Guddan says I won’t quietly. You will pay for hauling my father in this.

Gudan returns home. Bhushan says for what reason would you say you are here? We are not identified with you any longer. AJ says you have everything. For what reason would you say you are alarming your father now? Guddan says in heart I need to do this for my father and family.

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