Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 3 Apr episode AJ opens the eyes. He says in which am I? He attempts to get up but he is tied. He attempts to rip the plastic he’s tied in. AJ releases himself.

Perv says to Kaushliya your daughter is marrying me once more. AJ died and she is marrying angat. What manners Kauhslia says we don’t need you to inform us something. Perv says ask your other daughter to marry me. Revati says pass from right here. SHe shoves him. Perv says i can spoil your lives. REvati says why is di doin this.

Dadi cries. She says why is Guddan doing this. Durga says you relied on her and notice what she did. Saru says she is doing this for money. ANgat says don’t say something in opposition to my spouse to be.
Guddan comes downstairs. Angat holds her hand. He says that is our mandap. i can provide you with all of the love and recognize AJ in no way did. Your bridal dress is here. He says you’ll wear this dress and i will make you my wife.

Guddan says in heart I wont let this occur. AJ says where am I? He comes out and asks a man where am I? My own family is concerned for me. he’s crazy guy. He starts offevolved hitting and walking. AJ says what are you doing. AJ realizes he’s in mental asylum

Durga says to Angat we are not doing some thing wrong. you did right. Get rready. Angat hugs her and says you probably did a super prefer on me. She says AJ might in no way come lower back right here.
AJ walks in a room. Somoene offers him electric shock. It’s rocky.

Guddan receives ready as bride. Laxmi comes. She says you shouldn’t do that. AJ is alive Guddan says you suspect i can try this? Laxmi says what’s your plan. Guddan says I want time to shop AJ. believe me I received’t let anything wrong show up.
Guddan comes downstairs. She says i will get us both out of this trouble. Pandit ji says make her wear mangalsutra. GUddan says I need to listen and recognize all the mantra. ANgat says that’s true love. Pandit ji tells them meaning of mantra. Angat is set to make her put on mangalsutra. Guddan says its 12. The time of the marriage is over.


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