Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Revati says she is a step sister and she has proved it. Kaushaliya slaps Revati. Revati is shocked. Kaushaliya says what am I hearing? Guddan is your step-sister? I can’t believe. A sister was trying to destroy her sister’s life? Did you try to kill your sister? Bhushan says you misused our love and trust. You have a ruined relationship between two sisters. Revati says please try to understand. It isn’t my fault. Kaushaliya says this is my mistake. You learned from me. I was so bad to Guddan in front of you. I thought you loved Guddan and considered her your sister. I am disgusted by you. Guddan, who always thought good for us, who risked her life for us, who changed my stone heart, and you did this to her? You have done a sin. Bhushan says you have ashamed us. I never expected this from you. I am ashamed to call you my daughter. Revati says to Guddan are you happy now Guddan? You first took my love and now family. But I am not alone. My hatred for you is my strength. And it isn’t going weak anytime soon. Inspector comes in and says Revati for the attempt of murder on Guddan, you are under arrest. Durga says you here? He says yes, this was Guddan’s plan. She wanted us to catch the masked person. Guddan says I don’t want to do any case against Revati. She is my culprit. We will handle it. Inspector says if you say so.

Guddan says no one would come between us today. Not police, not AJ, no one. You want to take revenge right? SHoot me. Guddan gives her gun and says shoot me. Kaushaliya says no Revati. AJ says what are you doing Guddan. Revati recalls Angad. She throws the gun away and says I won’t kill you this easily. I will kill you slowly with pain of knowing that your sister hates you. I will ruin your life, happiness, and love. She leaves. Guddan sits down crying.

Guddan is crying. AJ caresses her face and wipes her tears. Guddan says our family doesn’t understand. He says we love each other so much that no one can understand. I try to keep these tears away from you, but I fail. Guddan hugs him and cries. Guddan says I lost my sister. My most important person. AJ says I won’t let that happen. Guddan says you did all you could. You tried to take her sin on yourself. You were even ready to go to jail and pretended to hate me. He says I love you. Revati is equally important to me. You would have done the same. Guddan says I can’t tell you what I feel for you. You took such good care of my family that you got into trouble yourself but saved them. You kept your promise. AJ says your family, your happiness, you sadness all are mine. I couldn’t fix all of it. Guddan says you did no one else could. You are my strength. He says your love made me this strong. I only want to keep you happy. Guddan says you are the best husabnd. I would die without you. AJ sas don’t say that. Gudddan says I want to live with you forever. AJ hugs her and says we have to live a long life together. Guddan says I want to live with your eyes forever, that is full of love for me. This loev can never grow weak. He says we will always live together. Revati will see your truth as well.

Perv comes to Revati and says in heart, time to do my part. Perv says this rose flower. You are as delicate and beautiful as you. But this flower thinks these pricks are here to harm it but these pricks protect it. Do you get it? Revati says stop it. What rubbish? He asys I know I am your prick, but I would protect you. I am the only one on your side. We all want the same thing. I promise you I will never harm you. Reavti says really? He says yes. Revati hugs him and says thank you Perv. He says in heart, you are such an idiot. Now see how I use you to get what I want. Revati says I have only one mission, I will ruin Guddan’s life. Durga says are standing in front of her to face you.

Bhushan touches AJ’s feet. AJ says what are you doing. You are my parents. Bhushan says we are ashamed after what Revati has done. AJ says that it isn’t your fault. Forget it like a nightmare. Kaushaliya says we can’t forget what Revati has done. She isn’t what she used to be. She has changed. She should stay away from Guddan. Guddan says no mummy, Revati won’t go anywhere. She hates me and wants to kill me. But I can’t forget that she is my sister. I will remind her. Bhushan says but she is dangerous for you. Guddan says I will remind her of our relation. I can do this. Trust me. AJ says I know you can do this, I have faith in you. Guddan says papa, you trust me too. Bhushan says if you two stand by each other, there is nothing you can’t do. I hope Revati see reality beyond her hatred. Kaushliya says our prayers are with you. Guddan says I turn her hate into love.

Revati calls Saru and says my hatred for Guddan can never lessen. Saru says I have an ace card. It can ruin AJ and Guddan’s life. Revati says what do you have? Saru says the most important thing for someone is their secrets. Antra gave me a secret that she hid from everyone for 20 years. Revati says what really? Saru says yes. A bomb that would destroy Guddan and AJ’s life.


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