Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 5 Apr episode Laxmi says I tracked vicinity. AJ is probably in this location. Guddan hugs her and says thank you. Laxmi says what if Angat comes and asks about you. Guddan says I want your assist. you have to be Guddan for an hour. Laxmi says however he is frightening. Guddan says you need to do that. I have to bring AJ domestic.

Angat says what if she reveals out AJ’s area from number? Angat says you need to control that i can inform your mystery to different people. Durga says if that occurs, you wont marry Guddan. Angat says we’re a crew. Durga leaves. Angat says i will kill AJ as soon as we get married.

Guddan comes outisde the residence. She enters. it is a intellectual asylum. AJ is tied internal. Guddan enters. AJ feels something and says that’s Guddan’s experience. He attempts to break his ropes. Guddan says you are here AJ. AJ breaks a bottle along with his leg. Guddan hears the noise. she says I sense like AJ is close to. AJ cuts his ropes. absolutely everyone start making noises. Gdddan is scared. AJ opens the door. Rocky sees Guddan and says how is se right here. He leaves all the sufferers out. THey scare Guddan. Guddan says assist.. Rocky and his men try and stop AJ. He hits them and is going in the direction of Guddan. Rocky hits AJ on head and locks him.

Rocky says how is Guddan right here and the way do Durga and Angat don’t recognize? Laxmi is locked in Guddan’s room. Angat knocks. Laxmi says i’m exceptional. i can meet you downstairs. Angat says come with me. He comes within the room. Laxmi locks herself in washroom. She attempts calling AJ. Rocky and his men rope and sodomize AJ.

Rocky with covered face says who are you and what are you doing here? Guddan says I suppose your voice is familiar. She says concentrate.. She says I want to discover my husband. He says okay you could are available in and check. Angat says Guddan says are you geared up? i’m worried for you. Laxmi is scared.
Rocky takes Guddan to rooms. Guddan’s bangle drops. AJ sees it.

Angat says Guddan the door or i will break it. He tries breaking the door. Laxmi is scared. Guddan bows down to select her bangle. She says who’s interior this door? Rocky opens the door.


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