Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 5 Aug episode begins with Guddan calls AJ. He is swooned in the vehicle. Guddan says for what reason is he not picking the call. Antra says AJ won’t come. He regards your choice. Leave him and get hitched. Guddan says you realize he won’t get me wedded. Nothing can separate me and AJ. He won’t let this wedding occur. Antra says his adoration would be over when you are hitched. Antra says to the elderly person I have paid you enough. On the off chance that she attempts to run stop her. Antra makes him wear sehra. Antra says our lady of the hour is coming also. Guddan comes first floor. laxmi says kindly don’t do this. Guddan says no one but AK can stop this wedding. Antra says your AJ can’t stop this wedding. Antra says plunk down.

Pandit ji says get up for the rounds. Durga says I need to accomplish something. Durga picks fire and says stop this wedding. I won’t let you do this. I won’t let this wedding occur. Antra says this is her wedding. Durga says till I am here I won’t let this occur. Saru says for what reason are you doing this for gudan. Laxmi says we as a whole realize she is constrained into this wedding. Guddan says enough. She takes the flame from Durga. Guddan says not a solitary more word. You helped Antra when you could be DIL of this house. You shouldn’t do this dramatization. Just can AJ can stop this wedding who isn’t here. Pandit ji begin the wedding.

Antra says now who began this wedding would tie their bunch. Pandit ji says get up for rounds. Guddan begins taking rounds with him. She reviews her minutes with AJ. Pandit says today you will be a couple. durga says you didn’t do right. Guddan says antra I did. Presently your turn. She says I have marked the papers.

Antra says you did your part, so I will do my part. You spared your family. Be that as it may, you lost your significant other. Your adoration needed to bow before my capacity. See I marked the papers. You spared the family who never believed you yet they constantly confided in me. AJ is such a simpleton. They were crying like dolts for the tyke who was never there. Antra says AJ could never know my fact. He won’t realize I executed my sibling. What’s more, I am more intelligent. Presently I would demonstrate to you your genuine worth. You figured I would leave simply like that? Guddan says you guaranteed. She says now there is a wind in this story. I thoyght you would go, so there would be a space here. I would remain with AJ. So you can cry for your entire life. Guddan says you guaranteed how might you do that. Antra says simply go from here. take your wif from here elderly person. Guddan says how might you do that antra. Antra leaves in resentment. The lucky man takes off sehra. It is AJ.

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