Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

AJ says antra.. Antra says what came about. AJ hugs her. AJ says I made a large mmistake. You attempted telling me Guddan’s truth. she married another man. Antra says i am here with you. the whole lot would be satisfactory. Antra hugs him.

Bhushan calls Guddan. she says AJ is aware of her truth. He changed into doing drama. Bhushan says i was so scared. Guddan says you concept i would marry an old guy for cash? He says no I relied on my upbringing. Guddan says swipe your tears. AJ comes and says papa are you ok. sorry I had try this drama. Gudan says she has all the wealth. We want to do this drama. Bhushan says i’m satisfied you two are together. AJ says I did what we determined. Guddan says whatever else? He hands up.
AJ says as a father you constantly relied on her. I failed as a husband. I have lost her. there’s distance between us. Bhushan says your love trade this distance. Time is wrong, it’ll heal the whole thing. And promise me you will always accept as true with her. you will in no way leave her by myself. Guddan is my the entirety however you are her life. AJ says i’d in no way repeat this error once more.

Durga says I understand you’re mad at me. I recognise i’ve made such a lot of errors that it’s miles difficult to forgive me. however I were given a risk to help you and be with the proper. i am so glad. i am hoping you keep giving me such possibilities so you accept as true with that i have changed. i’m hoping this new relation never ends. at the least have this tea, I made it for you. Guddan beverages the tea, Durga smiles. Guddan says you’re proper. It isn’t clean to agree with once its damaged.
Laxmi says that old man is conscious.

The antique guy is tied. He says i am the groom. Laxmi says shame on you. she is your daughter’s age durga says don’t even dare looking at our MIL. Guddan says don’t scare him. i am sure he has enjoy. He says I.. Guddan says you’ll inform antra? Oh we’re so terrified of her. If she can kill me, she will be able to kill you too. What if she gets to recognise you didn’t marry me, she would kill you. You made a mistake you desired to marry a lady of your daughter’s age. i’m sure Antra requested you to do all this. NOw tell us what would you do for us? you have to pretend to be my husband. Do it, or i might defame you inside the entire town. He says i would do what you ask however go away me, please.

Antra comes domestic with AJ. Antra says some time on this house is over. the whole lot is mine and my husband’s right here. You aren’t even AJ’s wife, so % your bag and get out. Guddan says sure i can cross, I don’t want to live here either. Dadi says sure you most effective care about money. You don’t even care about ages. you haven’t any disgrace. You were AJ’s spouse. You best care about cash. Now you’ve got proved how incorrect you were. Antra says it is vain t say all this. Get out now, no person desires you on this house. AJ says I need. He says I want Guddan to stay with us in this house. I need to transport on. She gave me ache by using marrying this guy. I want her to look me getting married to you. I want to look her in the identical ache. that might be my revenge. would you marry me? Antra says yes, i’d marry you in front of Guddan. Guddan says if he wants me to live here till Antra and his wedding ceremony, i would stay here.

Antr says Gudan i get married to AJ. And along with his will. You look so unhappy. you’ve got my ring. that is my AJ’s. i have proper on it. She takes Guddan’s ring. Antra says wow it seems so pretty. she throws the other ring and says we don’t need this now. AJ alternatives it. He says i am sorry. simplest you have got right in this ring. It need to be in your hand. He is set to make her wear it, Guddan takes her hand again.

Precap: AJ says that vintage man is long past from right here. Guddan falls, AJ holds her. guddan says I don’t want your support. i’m able to manage myself.


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