Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 6 Aug episode begins with Guddan says Antra hit AJ on head and he was blacked out. I continued calling him. Durga saw him in the vehicle. Durga broke the window and got AJ out. Durga picked GUddan’s call and advised her AJ is blacked out in the vehicle. Guddan said this is your minute to show you’re my ally. Get him up and let him know everything. Durga woke him up. AJ said somebody hit me on head. Guddan said Antra hit you. AJ says you are wedding somene else and as yet saying this? Guddan said for couple of minutes without inquiries do what I pose. AJ says then Guddaan supplanted me with that groom.

Guddan says I did this to demonstrate her world. This was my best way to uncover her. Presently the truth is before her. durga says Gudan demonstrated to me the correct way as well. she was never right. On the off chance that there was anybody however her, they would have surrendered. Aj stoops down. He says I realize I don’t merit your exculpation. You shouldn’t excuse me after all that I did. I am bowing down after I proposed you. I am grieved however I loved constantly you. I don’t have the foggiest idea on the off chance that you would excuse me. I cherish you and I would consistently. I am grieved. Guddan says I pardon you.

Gudaan says people commit errors. when you understand them.. AJ embraces her. AJ says nobody could ever interfered with us. I am grieved. Guddan says I have pardoned you however haven’t acknowledged you back in my life. What is a relationship without trust? HOw might I acknowledge you back? The breaks never fill. I have no solidarity to acknowledge you back. You left me so effectively. How might I confide in you that you would be my ally? You guaranteed you would ensure me. You broke your guarantee and trusted an outside. I am sorry I won’t most likely acknowledge you as my better half. Won’t probably acknowledge you.

Guddan leaves. AJ puts his hand ablaze. He says I cherished you and I couldn’t see your agony. I would move my hand when you confide in me once more. Guddan moves him she says what’s going on with you. He says regardless you adore me. Guddan says I can’t believe you yet I have figured out how to live alone. I can’t acknowledge you as a spouse once more. You broke my trust. AJ says I guarantee you before this flame I would do all that you did. I will win your trust back. Guddan leaves.

Antra comes to Bhushan and says your little girl lost every one of the qualities. She just thinks about cash adn wedded a multi year old. Saru says AJ attempted to stop it however she showed AJ out. I feel so terrible. ,DAdi plunks down crying. Antra says don’t be pitiful. I recovered all the riches from her. I won’t let her take anything from us. I will take you back home. Dadi says I adored and regarded her so much despite everything you care about this family. Much thanks to you. You spared this family. AJ says enough antra.

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