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Rawat says those hand cuffs are watching for your AJ. and you wont be capable of shop him from this. He throws their image. He burns their photo. Guddan says i will take this as a task and prove that he’s innocent.

Everyone wakes up to arti. they come downstairs and notice Guddan doing arti. SAru says what took place to her? Laxmi says she is making an attempt to be MIL. The tape recorder stops. Guddan says i’m performed. SHe offers anybody parsads. She says i’ve been doing this given that childhood. Dadi says this made my day. Durga says yeah she did extremely good with the aid of beginning the day with arti. but is the breakfast equipped for each person? Guddan says I know what you’re saying. i’m pronouncing that i’ve taken all my obligations. that is my command that you 3 will make meals from now on. Durga will appearance after what’s being cooked. Dadi says you’ve got 3 DILS you don’t have to work.

Dadi says this makes my coronary heart so glad. Rawat comes and says what approximately other hearts? He says Guddan is taking Antra’s region. i might be virtually glad. Guddan offers him pparsad. SHe says I recognize you’re playing with my circle of relatives and i’m able to play your recreation on you. I wont can help you live in this house. Durga says why wont you allow him live? Guddan says i was saying he may wanna move for his instances. we are wasting his time. Rawat says you’re proper.

Saru is cooking. She says this Guddan has ruined my life Lami says i am so worn-out. Durga comes. SAru says why didn’t you say no to her?D Durga says she is upto something. She recollects Guddan talking to rawat. Saru says are you okay? Durga says go make the food she asked you for.

Rawat says to AJ I miss antra a lot. AJ says maintain coming here. Guddan coems in. Rawat says you may are available. Guddan comes in. Rawat leaves. AJ says I would really like if rawat stays here for a few days. Rawat says to Gudan i’ve eyes on you and AJ. She says he trusts you due to the fact you’re Antra’s brother. He says i will punis him for my sister’s existence. He leaves

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th February 2019 Written Update Precap:

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Main Cast is as under

Surbhi Chandna ( Annika Trivedi )

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