Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Guddan says i was searching out this ring but I had no intentions of sporting it. How could I put on it from someone who harm me? you have no fee of the emotions associated with this ring. You gave her this ring. You gave her thoughts. i’m able to’t fulfill your ego now. i can’t do that. She leaves. AJ says you’re right. i’ve harm you. but I wont’ surrender. i can wake up my love to your coronary heart.
The vintage guy hears. He says so they’re collectively? i can inform antra. at the least i’d get the money and this AJ spoiled my wedding ceremony.

The vintage man coems to Antra and says I wanted to inform you something. This Guddan and AJ are together. Her DILs threatened me. So i was scared. however now i’m telling you the whole lot. Guddan stands up. she says it turned into me. You wont change. you are the only after me. Now you’ve got determined to be on Antra’s side, you have to pay for it. He says you may’t do some thing. i can tell antra the whole lot. He is going out.. AJ walks him in once more, He locks the door. He says now you would go in which we need and communicate what we need.

Laxmi and durga see Antra out of doors her room. She says Antra shouldn’t pass interior. Laxmi says let me forestall her. AJ says i’ve all your track report. Guddan says i have all the proofs of frauds you have got completed.

Laxmi says to Durga you had been with antra. And now Guddan is married to that antique man and now Antra is our MIL. Antra stands there to hear them fight. durga says I repent. I recognise Antra could be cursed too. Antra says I shouldn’t waste my time. She goes to her room. Laxmi texts Guddan.
Guddan says you’ll spend your complete lifestyles in prison or assist us. Laxmi is going upstairs. Antra opens the door. no one is in her room. She says wherein is everybody?

AJ and Gudan come downstairs. Guddan slips. AJ holds her. Guddan says i am best. i can manage myself. He says you had been about to fall. She says you made me fall in front of human beings’s yees. I don’t need your care. i’m able to cope with myself. Antra says excuse me. Antra says ma.. Saru.. Dadi says what took place? Antra says she is carrying my clothes and is with my husband. She is attempting to trap him. Dadi says what do you want? You married by your desire. How low would you hunch? I taken into consideration you my daughter is that this how you are returning my respect? you’re right here handiest due to the fact AJ stated. live faraway from AJ and Antra’s life. After the wedding cross from this residence and depart my circle of relatives. Antra stands with AJ.

Saru says to Antra I did what you asked. Antra says precise. Saru says I notion you will appreciate but nicely you’re giving me money. however why did you ask it? Antra asys I don’t accept as true with guddan. She wore my clothes. Why? ANd her husband isn’t round. some thing is incorrect. AJ comes and says milk.. Saru leaves. He says I got you milk. She says there have been so many servants. He says I want to live the old times with you once more. He hugs her. AJ says you in no way take care of your fitness. He makes her drink the milk.
Saru says thank God AJ didn’t hear. I ought to thank Antra. i am safe along with her. She sleeps.

AJ calls absolutely everyone in hall. Dadi says wherein are antra and saru? He says I gave them snoozing pill. Dadi says they are part of our own family. AJ says they’re not circle of relatives to us. this is about them. Guddan changed into proper all this time. Antra fooled us. i’m able to’t see Guddan being insulted once I understand she is right. Dadi says she is fooling you. AJ says she showed me antra’s fact. It become all antra’s vicinity. We fell prey to her games. Gudan is innocent. He tells her everything. Dadi says oh God. I kept questioning my Guddan was incorrect. How could I do this kind of mistake. Dadi says I don’t recognize a way to apologize Guddan. you may punish me. Gudadn says no dadi.. Dadi says forgive me. Guddan hugs her. Guddan says I got your love back I don’t want some thing else.


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