Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 7 Aug episode begins with AJ says as a dad you constantly confided in her. I flopped as a spouse. I have lost her. there is separation between us. Bhushan says your adoration change this separation. Time isn’t right, it will mend everything. What’s more, guarantee me you will consistently confide in her. You will never disregard her. Guddan is my everything except for you are her life. AJ says I could never rehash this misstep. Durga says I know you’re distraught at me. I realize I have committed such a large number of errors that it is hard to pardon me. In any case, I got an opportunity to support you and be with the right. I am so upbeat. I trust you continue giving me such shots so you believe that I have changed. I trust this new connection never closes. In any event have this tea, I made it for you. Guddan drinks the tea, Durga grins. Guddan says you’re correct. It is difficult to trust once its wrecked.

Laxmi says that elderly person is cognizant. The elderly person is tied. He says I am the lucky man. Laxmi says disgrace on you. she is your girl’s age durga says don’t set out taking a gander at our MIL. Guddan says don’t terrify him. I am certain he has involvement. He says I.. Guddan says you would tell antra? Goodness we are so terrified of her. On the off chance that she can execute me, she can slaughter you as well. Imagine a scenario in which she becomes acquainted with you didn’t wed me, she would execute you. You committed an error you needed to wed a young lady of your little girl’s age. I am certain Antra requested that you do this. Presently reveal to us what might you accomplish for us? You need to profess to be my significant other. Do it, or I would slander you in the entire city. He says I would do what you ask yet leave me, if it’s not too much trouble

Antra returns home with AJ. Antra says your time in this house is finished. Everything is mine and my better half’s here. You are not in any case AJ’s significant other, so gather your sack and get out. Guddan says yes I can go, I would prefer not to live here either. Dadi says yes you just consideration about cash. You don’t think about ages. You have no disgrace. You were AJ’s better half. You just consideration about cash. Presently you have refuted how you were. Antra says it is pointless t state this. Get out now, nobody needs you in this house. AJ says I need. He says I need Guddan to live with us in this house. I need to proceed onward. She gave me torment by wedding this man. I need her to see me getting hitched to you. I need to see her in a similar torment. That would be my retribution. OK wed me? Antra says truly, I would wed you before Guddan. Guddan says on the off chance that he needs me to remain here till Antra and his wedding, I would remain here.

Antr says Gudan I am getting hitched to AJ. What’s more, with his will. You look so miserable. You have my ring. This is my AJ’s. I have directly on it. She takes Guddan’s ring. Antra says wow it looks so beautiful. she tosses the other ring and says we needn’t bother with this now. AJ picks it. He says I am heartbroken. Just you have directly on this ring. It ought to be in your grasp. He is going to make her wear it, Guddan grasps her hand back.

Precap: AJ says that elderly person is gone from here. Guddan falls, AJ holds her. guddan says I needn’t bother with your help. I can deal with myself.


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