Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 8 Aug episode begins with Laxmi says to Durga you were with antra. Also, presently Guddan is hitched to that elderly person and now Antra is our MIL. Antra remains there to hear them battle. durga says I apologize. I know Antra would be reviled as well. Antra says I shouldn’t squander my time. She goes to her room. Laxmi writings Guddan.

Guddan says you would consume your entire time on earth in prison or help us. Laxmi goes upstairs. Antra opens the entryway. Nobody is in her room. She says where is everybody?

AJ and Gudan come first floor. Guddan slips. AJ holds her. Guddan says I am fine. I can deal with myself. He says you were going to fall. She says you made me fall before individuals’ yees. I needn’t bother with your consideration. I can deal with myself. Antra says pardon me. Antra says mama.. Saru.. Dadi says what was the deal? Antra says she is wearing my garments and is with my better half. She is attempting to trap him. Dadi says what do you need? You hitched by your decision. How low would you stoop? I thought of you as my girl is this how you are restoring my regard? You are here simply because AJ said. Avoid AJ and Antra’s life. After the wedding go from this house and leave my family. Antra remains with AJ.

Saru says to Antra I did what you inquired. Antra says great. Saru says I figured you would acknowledge however well you’re giving me cash. Be that as it may, for what reason did you ask it? Antra asys I don’t trust guddan. She wore my garments. Why? What’s more, her significant other isn’t anywhere near. Something isn’t right. AJ comes and says milk.. Saru leaves. He says I got you milk. She says there were such a significant number of workers. He says I need to live the bygone eras with you once more. He embraces her. AJ says you never care for your wellbeing. He makes her beverage the milk.

Saru says express gratitude toward God AJ didn’t hear. I ought to express gratitude toward Antra. I am sheltered with her. She dozes. AJ calls everybody in lobby. Dadi says where are antra and saru? He says I gave them resting pill. Dadi says they are a piece of our family. AJ says they are not family to us. This is about them. Guddan was correct this time. Antra tricked us. I can’t see Guddan being offended when I realize she is correct. Dadi says she is tricking you. AJ says she demonstrated to me antra’s existence. It was all antra’s place. We fell prey to her games. Gudan is blameless. He advises her beginning and end. Dadi says gracious God. I continued reasoning my Guddan wasn’t right. How might I do such a misstep. Dadi says I don’t have the foggiest idea how to apologize Guddan. You can rebuff me. Gudadn says no dadi.. Dadi says pardon me. Guddan embraces her. Guddan says I recovered your adoration I needn’t bother with whatever else.

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