Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 9 Apr episode begin with Rocky opens the entryway. AJ is in a corner. An insane man makes commotion in the room. Guddan gets frightened. Rocky stops them. He says madam you should leave. This spot isn’t protected. Guddan feels like AJ is close. AJ is tied in a corner. Guddan strolls outside.

Laxmi applies cover all over. She says this is our first pooja together. I need to prepare. He says you re preparing for me? She says yes. He says OK I am holding up ground floor. He leaves.

Guddan’s chunar headband fell in the haven. She returns. Angat comes first floor. Durga says I dont’ have a craving for something is correct. Guddan searches for it all over the place.

AJ is on a wheelchair. He has a go at going to guddan yet Rocky’s man hits him. Guddan sees her chunri. She picks it and leaves. Rockys says express gratitude toward God she left. Durga says Angat call Guddan ground floor. Its’ been long we need to begin pooja. Laxmi comes down the stairs with ghughat. Angat says why this? She says I need you to see my face after pooja. Guddan keeps running back home. Laxmi does arti. Durga searches for Laxmi. She says Guddan where re you.

Durga searches for Laxmi in her room. She says where is Laxmi. Durga sees her face from the chunri. Durga says so pooja is finished. take off ghunghat now. Or on the other hand let me do it for you. Lights turn off. Everybody says the end result for light. Angat brings light and says Guddan demonstrate to me your face. He takes off ghunghat and it’s Guddan. Laxmi comes and says sorry I got late.

Laxmi says to Guddan express gratitude toward God you went ahead time. Guddan says I will just do this pooja with AJ. AJ comes and says what are you sitting tight for at that point? Guddan takes a gander at him. She is disoriented. AJ picks arti. AJ says you figured you couldn’t do it? I let you know, you can do anything. He says I know Guddan never surrenders. Guddan says I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do He says how about we do arti first. They do arti together. Guddan was envisioning this. She takes a gander at her chunri and sees AJ composed on it with blood. She says that implies AJ is there.

Durga says to angat Guddan was in shelter. Rocky observed her. She is tricking you. ANgat leaves in indignation. Durga says Guddan you can’t trick me.

Precap Upcoming Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Episode Update: Guddan and Laxmi are


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