Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 9 Aug episode begins with Saru says my head harms. Antra says my head harms as well. Saru says for what reason is every other person typical? Did anybody give us dozing pill? Antra says I would see whether any such thing occurred. She takes out her camera and says we should perceive what occurred with behind us. Laxmi and durga see her. They tell Guddan. Guddan says I will prevent her from seeing the recording. antra plug in the camera in her PC. Guddan comes there with smoke. Antra hacks and says what’s happening with you. she runs out. Guddan attempts to take her PC. Antra comes in and says go from here. Antra plays the video. Somebody comes in with band baja. Antra goes first floor. Guddan goes to Antra’s room.

Antra says what is this? Rawat says AJ’s companion is coming. AJ comes in masked as somebody and says I am AJ’s companion bhabhi. He says I know myself great, henceforth I welcome myself. You are excellent. I know AJ’s decision. I can perceive jewels. Antra says I never met you. He says I have munh dikai for you. He gives her precious stones and says with bunches of adoration bhabhi. antra says this? He says they are of 5 crores. I will give you better endowments in the wedding. I am a unique one’s companion. Angat says he has a tremendous business.

Gudan says in heart I know antra you would bait finding out about this cash. Antra says I have never met somebody so rich. He says every one of you are here. Guddan says in heart he is doing such over acting. He meets the young men and dadi. He says dadi.. Dadi says come to meet me at some point. He says yes my sibling’s wedding. Antra says everybody knows you? Dadi says they progressed toward becoming companions after you left. He is occupied with business constantly.

AJ says who is this young lady? Antra says she is overseer. Guddan says she is correct. AJ says you’re wonderful.

AJ says to Guddan you requested that I do this. She says you were exaggerating. He says for what reason would you say you are over responding? He says I needed to put in effots. Guddan says you will do what I ask you. You handle your character, I will deal with rest of the show. He says she called you worker. Guddan says you used to confide in her. He says I can’t transform it. Guddan says we can never have returned to what we were either. we are just together to uncover her. He says I can’t change past, I can change future. I will bring that check.

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