Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

GTNHP 9 Jul episode begins with requested that I do this. Antra says I give you one shot. Do what I ask you now. He says I would. Guddan says before beginning mehndi we need to put it in sanctuary. AJ and Antra take the mehndi. Guddan comes and says stop. The Doctor strolls in with her. Antra is entranced. Antra says in heart I need to stop this. She tosses the light close Dadi.

Guddan says Doctor tell everybody. Doctor says antra.. Dadi’s saree is ablaze. Everybody shouts. They all hurry to him. Antra says to Doctor in the event that you sai a word I will send your entire family to come. Antra says gracious God what occurred. AJ quenches the flame. The Doctor says her case is delicate and confounded. You should visit me frequently. Guddan says what are you saying. He says yes this is valid. Doctor murmurs to Guddan she will hurt my family. Guddan says I can get it. He leaves. Antra says to AJ please apply prescription on your hand. Guddan comes there. Antra says you are so adorable however this wound needs to leave. Guddan comes in. She says my hand consumed as well.

Guddan says we should apply drug on one another’s hand. We needn’t bother with a third individual. Is it true that you are occupied? He says no pause. You spared my mother. Guddan says our mother. Guddan says antra would you.. Antra leaves. GUddan and AJ apply creams on one another’s consumes. Guddan says antra we realize how to mend one another. AJ leaves. Antra says discovering reasons to go close him? This is last cautioning. Guddan throttles her and says don’t set out to hurt my family. antra state that an elderly person is so exhausting. You should go out before somebody is hurt. Guddan says don’t get my family this. Antra says I am insane for AJ. She leaves. Durga hears this.

Durga says to Guddan I realize Doctor came here to state something different. I saw antra setting dadi’s saree ablaze. Reveal to me what’s going on. Guddan says he came here to disclose to ANtra’s world. Guddan advises her beginning and end. Durga says the entire family is in peril. GUdadn says I have no verification. She is smart. I don’t have the foggiest idea how to do it. Durga says I will help you in discovering proofs against her. You are not the only one. trust me. We will uncover her. Guddan says thank you Durga.

Antra comes first floor. Antra says to AJ please say no for this mehndi. I see your affection for Guddan in your eyes. AJ says I ought to pay for my slip-up and this wedding is the apology. This mehndi would start my discipline.

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