Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 19th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Alka coming to Radhe’s house and cries. Bantu comes with her and calls Gudiya as mausi. Gudiya asks how he came? Bantu says mummy and Papa used to fight a lot, but they always patched up, but today mummy broke his head after a fight and then left home with all the stuff. Gudiya says it is good that you will stay with us. Radhe talks to Alka and asks how she came? Gudiya comes there and says she came by Bus. She says Bantu also came with her. Radhe asks Pappu to give phone to him. Pappu refuses. Radhe says I will insult someone if you don’t give phone. Sarla asks him to give phone. Radhe asks if he shall call and asks everyone. Gudiya says when you have decided then why you are not calling. Radhe says I will call from landline. Pappu gets Alka’s husband call. Radhe gives call to Pappu and goes to bathroom. Pappu says it is jija ji’s call only. Alka picks the call and asks her husband not to call again. She gives promise to everyone not to talk to her husband. Sarla asks what is this, why you don’t want us to call him and vice versa. Sweety says you loves your sasural so much and asks then what happened? Alka says even they shall have love for her and says her saas never spoke to her well. Sweety says she can understand well and asks Sarla. Sarla goes to talk to Banta. Jia taunts Sarla. Pappu asks sweety to vacate the room for Didi. Sweety says why? Bantu comes there and greets her. Sweety says she will vacate the room and goes. Pappu goes behind Sweety. Alka tells Jia that Sweety got upset when Pappu took Bantu in his lap and then he went behind her. Jia says it is your Amma’s training. Sarla asks Radhe why is he taking Alka’s side. Radhe says he will not leave his damad and get him scolded by Nanhe lal. Sarla asks him not to do anything and thinks what to do when own’s coin is useless. Gudiya hears her.

Sweety vacates her room and tells Pappu that Alka jiji can stay here. Pappu says sorry to her. Sweety says Amma was blaming her, and now became Meena Kumari when her daughter’s talk came. Pappu says it is very sad as jiji left her house and came here.

Sweety says yes and says jiji has a mother atleast, but I don’t have. He says if I have a mother then I would have go to my mum’s house. Pappu says you have your rich Papa with you. Sweety says Papa is Papa and Maa is Maa. Pappu cheers her up and hugs her. Alka sees them and gets upset. Nanhe lal comes home and looks at Sarla. He says I waited for you at the Police station and asks why did you call me. Radhe says I want to talk to you about Alka’s sasural. He asks him to set Alka’s sasural like he set them. Nanhe lal asks what do you mean? Radhe says you have something in your personality and says nobody can do anything with Sweety here when you are around. Nanhe lal says he will send his constables. Bantu comes and asks Radhe to come. Nanhe lal asks Radhe to go. Sarla signs Nanhe lal to come to kitchen. Nanhe lal gets surprised..tumne pukara aur hum chale aaye plays….Sarla asks him not to do anything with Alka’s sasural whatever Radhe asked him. Nanhe lal asks what? Sarla says whatever he said. Nanhe says I want to hear the voice whose voice I want to hear. Sarla says why you are good. Nanhe lal keeps hand on his chest and goes back to sit. Radhe says my work shall be done. Nanhe lal asks him not to take tension.

Alka is in gudiya’s room. Gudiya says she has scattered her clothes. Alka asks if there is any sweets here. Gudiya says Amma has besan laddo, but she hides it as once I had eaten 25 laddoos. She says you was always her favorite. Gudiya says it is not like that and says Amma thinks of you as the coin. Alka asks really. Gudiya says Amma was teary eyes when she said that their own coin is worthless. Alka says Amma called me worthless coin and goes to Sarla, asking her to give laddoo. Sarla says she will give now. Alka says you think me as worthless coin and says she don’t want laddoo. Sarla scolds Gudiya for telling her what she said. Alka hears her and says I was doubtful, but now I heard you saying it. She cries and goes. Sarla scolds Gudiya. Gudiya runs away.

Radhe tells Jia that she used to make tasty food. Pappu asks her to say slowly and says if Amma hears then you don’t need any digestion tablet. Sweety comes and tells that Alka and Bantu are missing. Radhe scolds Sarla and says Alka went because of you. Sweety says I will call Papa. Pappu stops her and says jiji must have went back to her sasural. Sarla says it is good that she went, it is not good to come after a fight. Alka returns and gets upset hearing Sarla.


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