Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 1st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Sarla telling that baba will do tapasya for 4 hours and asks nobody shall disturb. Gudiya gets happy that they will eat curd and milk stuff. Radhe says we can clear old stock and go to kitchen with others. Sarla comes to room and sees them eating food. She asks them not to eat food and gives promise. Everyone stops, but not Jia. Sarla asks her not to eat for Gudiya’s marriage. She gives them Gudiya’s promise. Radhe says what is this foolishness. Gudiya says we have to eat things made with milk and curd. Radhe says this is wrong. Pappu says even I don’t understand why baba came to stay here. Jia asks where is room now? Radhe says you stay in my heart. Jia says I need a room. Sarla for the remaining money. Pappu says I don’t have money. Radhe says I won’t let the fixed deposit break. Sweety says you are looking innocent for the first time. She asks why you want it as you said that you don’t want it. Sarla asks them to kill her and says call me up. Gudiya asks Radhe to give money to her Amma. Pappu asks Sarla not to cry and says you know that I don’t like, when you cry. Radhe says I will break the fixed deposit and asks her not to cry. Sarla says I will not forget this favor and asks him to bring milk, curd etc. jia asks him to bring rabdi also. Radhe calls Nanhe lal and asks him to come. Nanhe lal says he will come. He asks Chunni to eat cyanide, following his instructions.

A man calls Pushp baba and says he got an order of magic show for Rs 2000. Baba tells that he has won the lottery here. Radhe brings milk, curd, paneer etc. Nanhe lal asks him to sit behind and says baba will not be left today. The baba sleeps in the room. Sarla calls him from outside and asks shall I bring food for you. He wakes up and pretends to be praying. He tells Sarla that he has seen her and his Ashram kids and tells that she has saved the kids by making the golden wall. He asks will you give 10000 Rs now for Anushthan. Sarla comes to her room. Pappu, Sweety, Jia and Gudiya see Sarla taking out money from the cupboard. She goes to baba and gives him 10000 Rs and goes. Baba is about to take the money, but Jia, Pappu, Gudiya and Sweety come there. Jia says she wants to test him and asks her to tell what is her name? Baba tells that he don’t take elders’ name with his mouth. Jia asks about his age? Baba says you look young. Pappu asks him to tell about him. Baba says you think of everyone. He then tells about Sweety. Sweety, Pappu and others get happy. The baba hides seeing Nanhe lal. He sees Nanhe lal eying Sarla and gets an idea. Sarla asks him, will you agree if I say me anything? Nanhe lal says yes. Sarla asks him not to trouble Baba. Later, nanhe lal comes to Baba and hears him telling about him as Prem Pujari. He asks who? Baba says you. He asks who are you? Nanhe lal introduces him and says they don’t trust you and that’s why called me. Baba says I trust you and your future. He says you have love in your heart and asks him to wait for the day when he will meet the woman he loves, but she will be the widow at that time. Nanhe lal is shocked.


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