Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Alka trying to tell about the matter. Nirmala says I don’t want any injustice happen with you and tells that she brought lawyer with her and asks her to sign the divorce paper. Alka says she don’t want divorce. Sarla says so much wrong doings have happened with you. Nirmala says you was tortured in my house and says you are like my daughter. Alka hugs Nirmala. Radhe tells Vinod that he knows how he is bearing his daughter and asks him to divorce her. He says how it feels when someone is married forcefully. Nanhe lal asks him not to connect this issue with other issue. He asks him to divorce Alka. Vinod says I don’t want divorce. Nirmala and Sarla asks if lawyer can happen. Lawyer says once they signed then they will be divorced. Radhe, Nanhe lal and others come out. Nanhe lal asks Vinod to sign and end the matter. Vinod says we have a son Bantu and asks them to think about him. Bantu says I don’t have any problem, I will stay 6 months with Dada and Dadi and 6 months here. They say no. Alka says that day I lied. Radhe says you are lying now and asks her to sign. He says husband and wife are two tyres of a vehicle. He says you both should have stayed with compromise. Sarla says marriage works on compromise fertilizer. Guddi says if I add fertilizer in Tulsi Plant then it will not prosper. Vinod says she is right and tells that he won’t compromise and is ready for divorce. Everyone is shocked. Everyone looks at Gudiya. Gudiya asks why everyone is looking at me. Vinod asks them to give the paper. Gudiya asks Vinod to use good fertilizer and see how marriage works. Vinod says you are right. Nanhe lal asks him to sign. Vinod says it was our mistake. Alka says I came here and nobody was giving me attention, so I said that. Sarla says this happened due to your childhood habit and says these things happens with me, but this shall not happen. Sweety says Amma said right. Gudiya says we thought we are doing drama with jiji, but jiji was doing drama with us. She takes Bantu to room and gifts him. He asks when you will come? Bantu says you gave a good reasoning about fertilizer, don’t know when fight will happen. Radhe asks Sarla if she liked his planning. Sarla says I will divorce you and goes to kitchen. Nanhe lal imagines song playing in background and looks at Sarla. Radhe asks Nanhe lal, how did he feel? Nanhe lal says he will get his divorce done. Radhe says you are thinking me wrong. Alka is leaving from home. Sarla gives laddoo and says I made it for you. Gudiya says Amma is great to give my laddoos to everyone. Alka says I don’t want your Gudiya laddoo. Vinod says I want it and takes it from Sarla’s hand. Alka, Vinod, Bantu and inlaws leave.

Radhe cuts the onion and tells that he is missing Gudiya. Sarla says yes. Gudiya comes and greets them. She tells him that she will chew the onion and make it sweet. Radhe appreciates her. Sarla scolds her for tasting it and asks her to go. Jia asks her to bring orange for her. Gudiya gives orange to her also. Sarla tells Radhe that she has to do something about Gudiya and says she couldn’t go to Pahadi baba due to khota sikkha issue. Radhe asks what he can do. Sarla says he will hear. Radhe asks her to meet him sometimes too. They all get happy seeing aate ka halwa. Radhe asks them to come.

Sarla is leaving from the house to go to Pahadi wala temple. Bindiya and Chanda stop Sarla and say that they are coming to her house. Sarla says I was going out and asks why didn’t you call. Bindiya says phone was not there before. Sarla asks them to take the bag and rushes to house. She calls the ladies. Bindiya comes inside and hugs Jia and Radhe. She tells Radhe that he is looking like Rajesh Khanna in beard. Radhe sees Sarla. Sarla asks them to sit and talk. In Jia’s room, Radhe and Bindiya talk to each other. Sarla asks Bindiya if her herpes problem ended. Jia asks her to give her medicine to Bindiya. Radhe asks Sarla to make tea. Bindiya says she will have tea made by jija ji. Radhe gets up from sofa. Sarla says gas is over. Radhe sits down. Gudiya says just now Bau ji made atte ka halwa. Everyone looks at her. Bindiya says I was hesitant to come here. She says she came to give Tina’s marriage invitation. She says she was hesitant as Gudiya’s marriage is not happening. Radhe says it will happen. Bindiya tells that a saint came and gave manjan to Tina and on the 5th day, an engineer’s proposal came. Sarla asks for that baba and manjan. Bindiya says baba went to agyaat vaas and manjan is finished, but Tina’s life is set. She says my son in law takes much bribe. Gudiya says it is wrong. Bindiya says that’s why her marriage is not happening. Gudiya says I say the truth. Sweety takes her to have halwa. Chanda tells about a marriage proposal for Gudiya and says the guy is paralyzed. Jia asks why you didn’t do Tina’s marriage with him. Bindiya says jija ji. Radhe says Jia is not wrong. Pappu asks them not to worry about Gudiya. Bindiya says sorry and leaves with Chanda.


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