Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with the fraud baba telling Nanhe that he will give support to the widow and will fly that cut kite. Nanhe lal looks at Radhe and tells baba that the situation is bad. He asks him not to go to that extreme. Baba asks everything is in God’s hand and asks him to donate 5000 Rs to a religious man on Fridays for 7 weeks at least. Nanhe lal says ok. The fraud asks him to give 5000 Rs. Nanhe lal gives him money and comes out. Radhe asks him to have lassi. Nanhe lal says he is sad and tells that he can’t have lassi now, the time has come to go. Radhe asks what are you saying and asks if he talked to Baba. Gudiya comes to fake baba. He gives her apple and says it came from magic. Nanhe lal tells Radhe that the baba is extraordinary. Radhe says you gave heartbreaking news.

Sweety takes Radhe’s side. Nanhe lal scolds her. Sarla scolds Sweety. Pappu tells that he said everything right about me. Radhe says I don’t understand what he did and what miracle did he do? Sarla asks Nanhe lal not to clarify and goes. Nanhe lal asks Radhe to take care and hugs him. Radhe asks what happened? Pappu asks Sweety what happened to him. Sweety says don’t know. Jia says this baba played some game, thinks to find out. Neighboring ladies come to Radhe’s house for the fake baba’s darshan. One lady asks what to do as my husband’s drunken habit. Baba asks her to apply hair color to her hair. The other lady tells about her problem. He gives a strange answer and asks them to forward their saree pallu. Jia says the fire will catch their saree. Baba says this is said by the demon on her tongue which makes her restless. Jia says you are a demon. Sarla asks him to give some solution. Baba asks her to have sathvik life for 7 days. Jia refuses. Sarla says you have to do this for 7 days, else all life. Jia is silent.

Later in the night, Gudiya practices doing magic. Sarla calls her to have food. Jia asks Sarla why she didn’t add sugar in it. Sarla asks her not to eat sugar for gudiya. Radhe asks baba to treat his constipation problem. Sarla says baba has no time for this problem. Baba asks them to look up and adds some drops of medicine in the water. He then asks Radhe to go near the toilet and drinks this water. Radhe refuses, but Sarla forces him. Radhe drinks the water and comes back. Gudiya adds sugar to Jia’s milk. Baba sees and tells Sarla. Sarla asks him to forgive them. Everyone finishes their food and go. Baba asks Sarla to make arrangements for the next 10000 Rs. Sarla says ok and calls Nanhe lal. Sarla says I am very hesitant to ask you, and asks will you tell anyone. Nanhe lal asks her to tell…Sarla says I…. Nanhe lal looks hopeful. Sarla says I will not ask again and asks if he will give money to her this time. Nanhe lal says all money is yours. He asks her to come and take the money. Sarla asks him to come in the morning and give money. Background song plays.

Pappu brings biscuits for sweety. Sweety says she wants it with tea. Pappu asks her not to eat. Sweety says I will eat it. Pappu hugs her and says everything will be normal if this baba goes. Sweety says Amma is doing wrong. Pappu says my Amma is helpless, innocent etc. Sweety says ok, I will not say that Amma does acting to convince others. Pappu gets upset and says sometimes I feel that….Sweety asks what? Pappu says I want to break this baba’s head. He thinks he is having mixed thoughts and says sanyasi baba is not like this. Sweety says we shall dance on this situation. They play the song…chal sanyasi mandir me….and dance. The fake baba hears the song and dances in his room. Jia peeps in his room and sees him dancing.


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