Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 3rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Radhe coming out of bathroom and calls Sarla. He says miracle happened and says pushp baba ki jai. He comes to Pushp Baba and tells that he is feeling light as years old constipation problem is gone. Sarla tells Nanhe lal that Radhe’s stomach is fine now due to baba and says she will take money from him. Nanhe lal says in low tone, until when, I have to look after the house after him. He asks if I am not a family member. Sarla asks him to sit. Sweety asks Pappu to take her saree also. Sarla comes there. Pappu gives her clothes to iron. Sarla asks Pappu to follow baba’s saying for their prosperity in business. Gudiya comes and asks Sarla to ask baba to teach her magic. Sarla asks her not to roam around baba. She comes to Baba and tells that she wants her son and daughter in law to teach them a lesson. He says you controls your saas well and asks what to do with them. Sarla says she wants them to be responsible. Baba asks her to tell what her son used to eat in childhood, which he left now. Sarla says lolly pop. Baba asks her to ask him to have lolly pop and asks Sweety to keep lemon under her bed and squeeze on the salad next day and eat. Gudiya practices to do magic, but nothing happens. Gudiya song plays……

She finds the water pot empty and comes to hall to drink water. She drinks water and tries doing magic on the pot, but nothing happens. She looks inside the baba’s room and sees him doing magic. She comes inside and says you are not baba, but jaadugar. She says she has seen how he did this. Baba says you will be punished for saying this.

Gudiya asks him to teach her magic and says please. Baba says your family might be punished because of you, don’t tell anyone. Radhe tries to talk to Jia. Jia asks when I will get my bed back. Radhe says baba is doing our work and says he treated my stomach. He says Samdhi ji is also following him. Gudiya comes to Radhe and tells that baba is jadugar and not baba. Radhe says he is a baba and we all have seen his magic. He goes. Jia says nobody will believe you. Sweety tells Radhe whatever Sarla had said. Sweety tells Sarla that they will follow Baba ji’s advice. Gudiya comes and sits on Sarla’s lap. She tries to tell about Baba scolding her. Sarla says surely you must have done something. Radhe comes and gives her money, says he didn’t break the fixed, but has taken loan from someone. Sarla asks do you trust my life experience? Radhe says yes. They go to baba. Radhe asks do you see indication of Gudiya’s marriage. Baba tells that Gudiya will say something which will spoil the Anusthan and asks them not to believe her.

Gudiya comes to Radhe and says he is Jadugar. Sarla tells Radhe that Anushthan is successful and calls her kal moshak. Nanhe lal imagines his marriage with Sarla and calls her Sarla ji. He says I really…Radhe interrupts his drea, and asks him to do something. Nanhe lal says I am worried about you, but what is life’s guarantee. Radhe asks him not to say that. Nanhe lal says sorry and asks if he wants to have rabdi. Radhe says Sarla showered so much love today that he had full stomach food. He feels pain in his stomach. Nanhe lal gets worried. Radhe goes to bathroom. Nanhe lal thinks to make him eat rabdi. The fake baba thinks to get money from them soon.


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