Guna 369 Full Movie Leaked Online In HD Quality For Free Download By Piracy Website Tamilrockers 2019

Guna 369 Telugu Full Movie Leaked Online To Download By Tamilrockers 2019

Telugu movie Guna 369 is released this Friday in the cinematic world. Individuals are very energized for the movie and the buzz is likewise positive for the movie. We imagine that all of you are going to adore the Guna 369 without a doubt. This is an absolute necessity watch movie and the substance is extremely fascinating in the movie. Telugu movie Guna 369 is accepting fine surveys and evaluations from the commentators. The movie is great and the substance is actually quite intriguing in the movie.

Guna 369 Movie Reviews & Ratings

After the RX 100, Karthikeya’s Guna 369 film got a good buzz from the first of the movie. Anil Kadiyalaya, Tirumal Reddy and Praveen Kadiya have entered the film industry through Japika Productions and Strint Films. Their innovative campaign, teasers, trailers, and audio promotion have been good craze. The film also marks the introduction of famous director Boyapati’s disciple Arjun Jandhala as director. The film, which came out in the audience on August 2, has to go to the story of producers, director Arjun Jandhaya and hero Karthikeya to find out what kind of success it is.

Story Of Guna 369 Telugu Movie Based On:-

Ongole-based Guna (Karthikeya) Bitek works in a granite company struggling to make ends meet. A good boy who doesn’t go to any confrontations. He falls in love with Gita (Anagha) who comes to his street. While life is going smoothly, a rowdy Gadalagunda Radha (Aditya Menon) goes to jail for murder.

Guna 369 Twists Why did Radha go to jail for murder? What were the problems in Guna’s life after Radha’s assassination? Who killed Radha? What was the reason for killing Radha? Does love with the song succeed? How did he save his family from such trouble? Guna 369 is the answer to the questions.

If that’s how Faustaf is The film begins on a high note with an attack incident in a village in Ongole. The first ten minutes of the movie tastes like power. Then the story goes a bit slower with straightforward storytelling and Establishment of Karthikeya character, romance and affair with Anagha. It seems a bit embarrassing that the Love Track movie looks the same. But with the interval bang, the story of the film is changed. Margamkali Full Movie Download

Positive Points of the Guna 369 Telugu Movie:-

  • This movie has great altering work.
  • Screenplay work is great in the movie.
  • Acting work is really great in the movie.

Negative Points of the Guna 369 Telugu Movie:-

  • This movie has feeble directional work.
  • Generation work is normal in the movie.
  • Foundation score is normal in the movie.

Watch or not? Guna 369 Telugu Movie:-

Secondhand Analysis Guna hit 369 with the second-half. Emotions, twists in the story, are the highlight of everybody’s performance film. The intensity of the story makes the viewer feel new. The last 20 minutes mesmerizes the viewer in a way that nobody expected.

Taking Director Arjun Jandhyala is credited as the first film director. In the first part, Arjun appeared to be struggling to lead the love track. The hero used the positive energy of Kartikeya wherever he needed it. Some of the early scenes in Fustaf handle the interval bang as an experienced director. If you want to know what is the basis of Arjun Jandhale in the second half of the film.

The hero is Karthikeya Guna 369 shows another aspect of Kartikeya’s performance. He has more maturity than the last two films. In the second half he laid the story on his shoulders and led the story. He can play all kinds of role models. If you choose the right stories, you will grow into a good mass hero. Mass and emotional scenes can be said to be overblown. The lack of strong romantic scenes can be seen as a bit of a fuss.

The heroine is Anagha Anagha got into the role of a lyric. Hundreds have succeeded in making the girl feel truly next door. Actually, the performance is fantastic. Also impressive in terms of glamor. Some of the shortcomings in acting can be corrected by the fact that we see another actress like Thomas.

Guna 369 Telugu Movie Last Verdict:-

In other roles Other roles include Naresh, Hema, Aditya Menon and Jabardast Mahesh. Aditya Menon’s role as Gadalagunta Radha may be the strength of the film. Aditya Menon’s role in the film is to make his acting impact evident. Naresh and Hema are impressed as good-natured parents. They forget the parents who look at every house. Jabardast Mahesh’s acting and comedy timing is good. After the stage, Mahanati appears in another brilliant role. Acting as nobody expected.

Performance of technical units When it comes to technical disciplines, Rami Reddy is impressed with his work as a cinematographer. Jeyam Sekhar has made good use of the talent. The town was prepared to reflect the weather nicely. The action scenes are very highlighted .. The graphics work is also neat. Some of the other scenes during the Interval Bang Fight are good graphics.

Song placement Chaitan Bharadwaj, who has become a good music director with the RX 100 cinema, was impressed with the audio. The lack of proper placement of songs seems to be a problem for registering songs on the screen. Editor Tammiraju once again showed the word to his scissors. Trimming the film in Fastaf will make the movie even better.

Production Values After seeing Guna 369, you will feel that Japika Productions, Thirmal Reddy and Adeep Kadiya have entered the production of Japika Productions and Stint Films with the right story. With the first film, they were able to deliver a super hit movie. The selection of characters and the composition of the technicians are excellent. The attempt to commercialize the social message of harsh punishment of abusers of girls is commendable.

Final Social Media, Entertainment, Mass Elements Image Guna 369. New Director Arjun Jandhayala has established his mark in making the film’s story very intriguing and emotional in the second half. There is no doubt that Karthikeya is one more step up as a commercial hero. The film is designed to appeal to audiences of all classes. Given the popularity of the Bee and Sea Center, the success of the film is a two-day success.

Rating Of Guna 369 Movie 5/3 Tellyupdates.Me

Director: Arjun Jandhaya

Star Cast: Karthikeya, Anagha, Naresh, Aditya Menon, Jabardast Mahesh


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