Gunjan Saxena, released on Netflix on August 14, is in controversy these days. After the Indian Air Force protested about the film’s story and screenplay, now Gunjan’s fellow officers have also started questioning it. If the claims of one such woman officer Flight Lieutenant (Seva.) Srividya Rajan are true, then the screenplay of the film Gunjan Saxena has been completely built on the basis of lies.

Srividya has written a lengthy post on Facebook claiming that Gunjan Saxena was not the only female officer at the base during the Kargil War nor was she the first female officer to go for the operation. Srividya, however, blamed the makers for the twist in the story and screenplay.

In this post, Srividya told that he and Gunjan were together during the training. The two were posted together in Udhampur in 1996, while the movie showed Gunjan was the only female pilot in the unit. Srividya has admitted in her post that as the first female officer she had to face the prejudices of some colleagues, but there was no shortage of supporting officers.

Srividya also misjudged the claw fighting scene. He has written that nothing was ever done to embarrass us. Srividya also claimed that the film depicts Gunjan Saxena as a female pilot, an initiative going into Kargil operations, which is untrue. We were stationed together in Udhampur and when the Kargil War started, Srividya was the first female officer to be sent with male officers.

A few days after the operation, Gunjan Saxena came to Srinagar with other crew members. We actively participated in all the operations including evacuation, supply drop, communication sorties etc. The heroic act of the heroine shown in the climax has never happened. It is probably shown as cinematic freedom.

Srividya has also claimed that the filmmakers have distorted Gunjan’s facts for publicity. You can read the full post of IAF Officer below-

Dharma productions latest movie," Gunjan Saxena the Kargil girl" has attracted a lot of mixed views from our fellow…

Posted by Sreevidya Rajan on Sunday, August 16, 2020

Earlier, retired wing commander Namrita Chandi also objected to the film portrayal of officers of the Indian Air Force. He himself confirmed that the female pilot who took the first flight from Kargil was Srividya, not Gunjan.

Let me tell you that in Gunjan Saxena – The Kargil Girl, Jahwani Kapoor played the title role, while the film is produced by Karan Johar and directed by Sharan Sharma. The film was first to be released in theaters, but due to the theater being closed in lockdown, it has been released on Netflix.




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