Gurmeet Chaudhary 'Ram' was injured by shooting a 4 kg crown in Ramayan know the whole story

Mythological shows have emerged as the first choice of viewers during the lockdown. Whether it was DD National’s Ramayana or DD Bharati’s Mahabharata, viewers gave a lot of love to these serials. The remake of Ramanand Sagar serial Ramayan is being telecasted on the Dangal channel, which is being liked by the audience.

Ram was played by Gurmeet Chaudhary in the show, while Debina Banerjee appeared in the role of Sita. Gurmeet remains shocked even today by remembering an anecdote related to this Ramayana.

Mythological shows are not easy to shoot. In these, the artists have to wear huge costume and jewelery. For Ram’s character, Gurmeet always had to wear a crown on his head, causing several head injuries.

Recalling this, Gurmeet says- “During the shooting of Ramayana, I always had to wear a crown, which was 3-4 kg. It was specially sourced from Chennai. Since the shoots ran for 12–13 hours a day. So I always had to wear a crown. This crown was so heavy that it often caused head injuries. Gradually it became a habit. Now, when I look back, it seems that the hard work was successful.

This remake of Ramayana was first broadcast in 2008. It was technically more advanced than the old serial. It was directed by Anand Sagar, while the production was by Sagar Arts. Ankit Arora played the character of Laxman, while Akhilendra Mishra was in the role of Ravana. This Ramayana was first broadcast on NDTV Imagine. The show ran for about a year and a half.

Ramayana serial, which aired on Doordarshan’s DD National, holds the record for the most watched show. Now this serial is being shown on Star Plus.

These days Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana is again being broadcast in lockdown. After Doordarshan, the show is being shown on Star Plus. After the telecast of Ramayana, its stars are also being discussed.

Actor Sunil Lahiri, who appeared in the role of Laxman in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, worked in many films and TV shows in his career. But Laxman’s character made him popular from house to house. The actor has thanked God for his successful career.

Sunil Lahiri shared his three pictures and wrote in a tweet, “3 different types of characters at the same time. I am lucky that I got a chance to perform like this. ”

He said, “From a historical mythology series to a romantic hero, then to Tough Security to Silent Lovers.” Thank God that he gave me a chance to act. ”

It is noteworthy that Sunil Lahiri played the character of Laxman in Ramayana which people are still remembering him.

These days Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana is again being broadcast in lockdown. After Doordarshan, the show is being shown on Star Plus. After the telecast of Ramayana, its stars are also being discussed.

Sunil Lahiri is very active on social media. They share stories on Twitter with fans during the shooting of Ramayana. Sunil Lahiri is also sharing pictures of his youth on social media, seeing which fans have become crazy about his look. These days there is a tremendous discussion on Sunil’s handsome son on social media. People say that he looks like a carbon copy of his father.

The Culture Department of the Government of Uttar Pradesh has also sought cooperation from the Ministry of External Affairs in the ambitious plan to create the Ramayana Encyclopedia. In this regard, Principal Secretary of State Sanskriti Jitendra Kumar has recently written a letter to Akhilesh Mishra, Additional Secretary, Development Partnership Administration Cell, Ministry of External Affairs.

This paper states that the selection of Ramayana experts from abroad and other support for the Ramayana Encyclopedia from all Indian Embassies and High Commission of India should be provided. An expert officer from the respective countries should be appointed as the Nodal Officer. This nodal officer will be in contact with Dr. Yogendra Pratap Singh, director of Ayodhya Research Institute, in charge of this entire project.

The letter states that countries where Ramayan culture is not directly available in the form of tangible and intangible heritage, yet such countries provide research work, publication, demonstration etc. related to Ramayana by the masses, scholars, researchers. In his letter, Principal Secretary Culture expressed happiness over the formation of a special cell in the Ministry of External Affairs. The main objective of this cell is to coordinate and mutual cooperation of schemes in relation to culture and heritage abroad.

This cell will provide support in the preservation, demonstration and documentation of culture and heritage abroad. The letter requires cooperation and guidance from the Ministry of External Affairs on a total of 9 points.

These include details of Ram-Hanuman-Janaki etc. temples abroad, complete address, history, Ram-Hanuman-Janaki etc. statues abroad, Ram Ram Leelas, Ramayana ballet, Ramayana painting, Puppet, Ramayana literature, Ramayan songs, Appropriate help for the documentation of Ramayana, translation texts of Ramayana and Ramcharit Manas etc. in museums, universities and libraries etc. That was supposed to be.


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